Tom Lee-Richards

Tom Lee-Richards music is the most interesting type of music/sound I’ve heard so far this month. Not only has his music career taken off, the music video for his song, “Madness”, became very popular in Australia. The music video was shown at the Auckland International Film Festival, LA Awareness Festival, and Sydney Lift-Off.

Richards most recent music video for his single, “Beside You” was released/premiered on June 20, 2017. Richards collaborated with producer Jarryd James when he wrote the song. The music opens with the title of the song with a dark lake and mountains in the background. The video then shows an older man riding a horse and is staring at something. The man cradles a woman laying on the rocks by the lake. From that moment on it becomes more interesting.  I’d watch more to see what else happens  to the woman and man.

At the moment Richards is still collaborating with Award-winning Producer Countbounce and Matt Neighbour. Richards will be debuting his Mini LP will be released soon!

Richards will be performing on July 28th in Grindsmith, Manchester and on July 30th at The Finsbury Pub in London. For my new and regular readers, if you like folk, alternative, and indie music, then I would 100% listen to Richards music. For my European readers who live close to those locations, I would go see him perform!

Best of luck! Keep rockin’ on and hope to see you perform!

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Boston Based Rock Group – Dreamer & Son

Well I’m back! School is over for the year, I’m finally back and situated at my summer job, and ready to get my act together and blog this summer 🙂 I’ve had a lot of time to listen to new music the past few months. I was contacted by one of my friends who had sent me the music video for the Boston based music group, Dreamer & Son. I wanted to write about them first since I’m from Boston and they’re Boston based 🙂


The group had formed in 2015. For those who are from Boston, you might know the group members:

  • Sayak Das – Vocals & Guitar.
  • Jake Sierzega – Bass.
  • Matt Bolton – Guitar.
  • Josh Parra – Drums.

Das attended Berklee College of Music in Boston was uploading covers of songs. Eventually he chose to perform his original songs in front of a real crowd and not online. Parra was the first to support Das’s project. After that Bolton joined and then Sierzega. After their first show, they immediately realized that they loved performing together. They came together to form Dreamer & Son. If you love Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, The 1975, Emarosa, and/or The Maine, then you must listen to their music. There biggest show will be on August 2nd at Red Room 939 and tickets are free! Please go see them!


I can’t believe that it’s already February 23rd! The time has gone by so fast and on March 31st, the band KOYO will be debuting their single, “Leeds”.

KOYO was initially formed by Huw Edwards (lead vocals and guitar) and Jacob Price (sampling and synthesisers) and they wanted their music to have an ’90s grunge and alternative rock type sound. In 2015, the band really formed KOYO when they added three other the musicians, Seb Knee-Wright playing the guitar(s), Dan Comlay playing the bass, and Tom Higham on the drums. KOYO’s single I provided you on their SoundCloud page is called, “Tetrachormat”. I love how it has rock, a little bit of electronic, and the indie genre type combined in one song. Even though they’ve only formed in 2015, they’ve gotten a good start. They will be going on small tour from March to June in Europe.

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Keep on rockin’ guys!

The William Shakes

As most of my readers know, Boston is my favorite place in the world. I mean c’mon, my blog’s name is Rock on Boston. Today, I am finally able to write about another band from my favorite place in the world, The William Shakes.

Mark McGettrick

Mark McGettrick is the man who created, produced, and composed the band slash project and he did it all by himself. McGettrick plays the: guitar, bass,  bass VI, percussion, and is the lead singer. Even though this is just his project, he was able to collaborate with artists from Boston, Los Angeles, and New York: Carrie Ingber, Rob Sistare, Matt Diekmann, and Jason Dunn.

Before the project, in 2015, McGettrick played the drums and was a background singer for the band, The Luxury. He did this when the band composed their album, Bones and Beaten Heart. The William Shakes will be releasing their debut album, How Goes the Night on February 10 (close to my birthday!). When you hear the album you will find that it is, alternative, indie, and pop.

The song from SoundCloud is one of his songs that you can listen to. I really  wanted to write about the band/project because of how different McGettrick’s EP was. He wanted to examine five of Shakespeare’s popular characters: Banquo (MacBeth), Helena (All’s Well That Ends Well), Horatio (Hamlet), Cordelia (King Lear), and Cassius (Julius Caesar). McGettrick’s process/did five things when he wrote a song:

  1. Select the character.
  2. Isolate their lines.
  3. Randomize their lines.
  4. Curate into new lyrics
  5. Compose an original melody.


You’re able to find all of The William Shakes information on the follow links.

Rock on The William Shakes! Hope to see you play in Boston soon!

Dear Lauren Marsh.

Lauren Marsh is a up-and-coming indie alternative singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Marsh at one point did live in Medfield, MA for five years, which means she is technically a New England girl! Her Spotify account has begun to gain more and more of followers and listeners followers everyday. Marsh had such a positive and touching reaction to this. “It’s been an extremely humbling experience to see so many people connecting with my music on Spotify. I released my first record in 2012 and to see recognition of where I’ve come since then with people recently starting to really follow my music is immensely heartwarming.”

Marsh’s sound is beautiful, fun to dance to, and “cute.” I connected with Marsh’s original song on her EP Veracity, “Dear Love” (which is also her most popular song on Spotify). Her song was featured on Spotify’s original playlist called, Broken Heart.

Do you think that “Deal Love” should be on the Broken Heart playlist? Or do you think it should be on another playlist?

I love that my song “Dear Love” is on Spotify’s break-up playlist! I didn’t write “Dear Love” as a break up song, I actually wrote it as a way of telling people in my life that I’ll always be there for them. However, this is such a great example of why I love music. We all interpret music differently and if my song has the opportunity to help someone through a break-up, I’m honored to have my song do that.

I’ve written a couple other break-up songs that have received notoriety like “Home”, “OH OH (Hold My Heart)”, “Ledge”, and “Dangerous Love” , so it seems fitting that “Dear Love” was placed on the break-up playlist.

“Dear Love” is about learning to stand on your own without having to be alone and that there’s people in my life that I’ll always be there for no matter what. They’ve all definitely heard the song! Which is something I’ve never thought about before, and I’m deeply grateful for that. I always want them to know that I’ll be there and that they’re the reason why I consider myself a strong person. I felt like this was a really strong message and I wanted it to be on my record.

Marsh won the “Top Indie EP of the Year” – Jersey Acoustic Music Award. Marsh’s reaction was incredible, “Over the moon! I had just released my first record 6 months before being honored with this award. I never imagined I would receive this kind of recognition so soon out of the gate. What I love about this award is that it recognizes the team of amazing people I work with and helped to make Ready for Takeoff such a success.”

Marsh and her band are mostly playing shows in Pennsylvania at the moment. She would love to play any and everywhere she can at some point. In 2015 Marsh traveled to Austin Texas to perform in the RedGorilla Music Festival (during SXSW). Marsh added, “I’d love to do more performances like that, but I do love performing in NYC and Philadelphia, they’re my hometown audiences.” However, I hope she will come perform in the Greater Boston area at some point soon!

Keep on rockin’ Lauren! Hope to see you soon!



Catie Curtis

ILocal artist from Saco, Maine, Catie Curtis, music career over the last twenty-five years has been very successful. Curtis has produced over fourteen albums and her songs have been featured on probably some of your favorite movies and television shows such as:

“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Finding Graceland”, “A Slipping Down Life”, and more!


I asked Curtis what her reaction was like when she was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. 

Funny you should ask. My 12 year old daughter and her friends are obsessed with Grey’s on Netflix now. I just told her I had a song in it, and she flipped out. She found the episode yesterday, so I happen to know it’s season 2, episode 12! It was definitely a cool placement to get.” I watched the episode after she told me and it was great!

Curtis has performed at Carnegie Hall, numerous clubs and music venues, music festivals, and The White House! When I first listened to Curtis’s music it was really hard for me to tell if her music was folk or country. Curtis said, “Folk music shares so much DNA with country, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. People see the label “singer/songwriter” and “folk-rock”, but they understand it best when they get a chance to listen to it!.”

I took a class this semester called Crowdsourcing and we learned about different crowdfunding websites. Curtis used the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter to create one of her albums. Curtis said, “Kickstarter really helped me tap in to my strong (and generous!) fan base to make the recording of my dreams. All things considered, definitely an amazing tool, relatively easy to use.” I believe that Kickstarter should really receive more credit than it does because it helps so many users.

Her newest album While We’re Here is spectacular. We talked about the albums artwork because it was really interesting. “The big tree reminds me of how small we are. Big trees help us humans keep our perspective whil15027552_10154377402736263_7402549565723551968_ne we’re here on this planet! Then we can make decisions that are right for us.” The songs/lyrics on the album are about her transition from her divorce, death, but thankfully, falling in love. The album was produced in a small studio with the help of other musicians. She invited over ten musicians and produced the album in Jamaica Plain (which I know as, JP), Massachusetts.

Curtis is on her tour called, The Final Outing Tour. She has traveled across the United States and it will end in May, 2017. She won’t be just relaxing when she is finished with her tour. “Making music IS taking time for myself. Can’t wait to get back to writing! I also run creativity retreats in so I’ll be producing a bunch of those.”

Keep on rockin’ and hope to see you in Boston again!

Rihanna’s new album and my favorite song

Rihanna released her eighth album this year called, Anti. I’ve never listened to Rihanna compared to other hip-hop artists, but this song from the album, “Yeah I Said It”, is just so sexy, attractive, and I can’t stop listening to it. Take a listen for me!

I’m back! I’m going to be introducing: Sian Cross


Well I’m back at it! I finally am able to blog a little since I am on my Thanksgiving break and I couldn’t be happier! I have my large cup of coffee, computer, homework, and music to keep me company today. I am also going to be writing about the beautiful singer and songwriter from Europe, Sian Cross. Before going on her own and doing her own thing, Cross has had an amazing start. Cross was on the T.V show, The X-Factor and used to be a back-up singer for, Stevie Wonder, Jessie J, Daniel Beddingfield, and Mica Paris.

Now that she is on her own she has recorded her music at Abbey Road Studio’s, performed at the beautiful ROYAL ALBERT HALL, has been on national T.V, and record sessions for BBC Radio. In 2015, she recorded her two EP’s and then joined Hue & Cry and Paul Carrack on their European tour. After that she performed at music festivals in the UK.

Even though this isn’t Cross and that this is The Killers, you can see how amazing the Royal Albert Hall is!


I’d have to say, I usually don’t listen to Cross’s type of music these days but I’m loving hers. I went on Cross’s Cross’s YouTube account and watched the music video for her song, “On and On.” This was definitely one of the most interesting music video’s I’ve seen in a very long time. It was her most recent one released.


On November 21, 2016, artist Sian Cross released her new single, “Stare at Me.” Cross is currently on tour and from the photos on her Instagram account she looks like she is having a blast! If you are in Europe, make sure to go see her play and here are the tour dates!

November Tour Dates

23rd – The Rowbarge – Guildford (supporting Mishka Shubaly)

25th – Gullivers – Manchester  (supporting Mishka Shubaly)

26th – Slaughtered Lamb – London (supporting Mishka Shubaly)

27th – Robin 2 – Wolverhampton (supporting China Crisis)

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Keep on rockin’! Hope to see you in the U.S and in Boston!


Concert tonight at Brighton Music Hall: Allah-Las

I was recently introduced to the band, Allah-Las, recently and man are they good. If you like down to earth, folk, rock type music, then this is the band to start listening too.


Pedrum Siadatian (Vocalist & Lead Guitarist), Miles Michaud (Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar), Matthew Correia (Vocalist & Drummer), and Speancer (Vocalist & Bassist) came together in 2008 to form, Allah-Las. Initially three members of the band were working together at the local record store in California called, Amoeba Music Record Store. Correia stated in an interview that all of them were fans of music and spent a lot of time listening to what type of music works and doesn’t work for them. Clearly they found their sound because in 2011 their album, Allah-Las, was nominated for Independent Album of the Year by the A2IM Libby’s.

In 2014 Allah-Las released their LP, Worship The Sun. The Los Angeles Times said, “… Let’s the band’s trippy vintage rock absorb all sorts of new Southern California influences…”

Take a listen to their album for me! Today, the band has truly been doing well for themselves. Allah-Las has had sold out tours, high profile festival’s all over the world, and will end their tour in Madrid on November 16th. Allah-Las will be coming to Brighton Music Hall today so get tickets!

Keep on rockin’ tonight for me!

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