Niykee Heaton

I woke up this morning to my alarm playing pop-artist Niykee Heaton’s song, “Bad Intentions”. Most of you just know Heaton because of her Instagram account:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 9.19.00 AM.png
Certain photos on her Instagram account are very revealing. However, Heaton stated that her mother was a “hippie” and always had them barefoot, naked, and free. People should not judge her because those photos show that it is just natural for her and it is just the way she dresses.  She isn’t just taking/staging a photo for Instagram, it’s just her doing her.

Heaton is a 21 year-old singer-songwriter, model, and producer from South Africa. She was first discovered on YouTube when she posted video’s of her singing covers of songs in her bedroom (hence the tour’s name, The Bedroom Tour). When she posted a cover of “Love Soza” by Chief Keef in high school she immediately got calls from record producers and/or companies. She did not like how certain record companies told her what to do in the studio and Heaton stepped away and decided to record by herself. Eventually she signed with Steve Rifkind & Russell Simmons in Los Angeles, California.

Heaton is still on her “Bedroom Tour” which will end on April 29 in Tennessee at Volapalooza. She writes all of her songs on her album and her writing style was influenced by, Bob Dylan, Tom White, etc… Then she started to listen to pop/rap music which also influenced her music. Heaton claimed that at first she was terrified of performing on stage at first but her fans can truly see how much she now enjoys it.

The song “Bad Intentions” is just sexy. I love playing it before I go out with my friends, pre-gaming, getting ready for a date, etc…. The lyrics and beat are even sexy. It sounds like shes singing this song to a guy who is immediately memorized. Her Bedroom Tour playlist was posted on Spotify recently. If you haven’t heard about her, go a listen to her now.

Keep on rockin’ and we hope to see you soon!


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