The band who disappeared

Even though it’s only been three years, I haven’t heard anything from The Lumineers since 2013. A friend of mine invited me to their concert this summer in Burlington, VT. I love their music and hows its a combination of folk-rock and that type of music is hard to find these days.



The Lumineers are from folk-rock band from Denver, Colorado. The two original members who formed the band are, Wesley Schultz who is the lead singer and guitarist and Jeremiah Fraites who plays the drums and percussion. In 2002, Jeremiah’s brother and Shultz’s best friend, Josh, passed away due to a drug overdose. After the death, they moved to New Jersey and started performing there. In 2010, the band put an ad on Craigslist looking for a cellist and vocalist. Neyla Pekarek applied for the position and the band gave it to her. Eventually The Lumineers had Stelth Ulvang, pianist, an Ben Wahamaki,

Their music sounds like a combination of The Head and the Heart and Vance Joy. Sorry today is just not my day since I’m sick. I apologize for not writing much.

Enjoy the rain,



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