A New Hot Band: The Last Year



I’m very excited to tell everyone that I have completed my first interview with the Alternative-rock band, The Last Year! I was able to talk with the lead singer, Niki Barr. The other members of The Last Year are: Scott Ensign who plays the bass and synth, Scott Griffith who plays the guitar, and BJ Kerwin who plays the drums. The Last Year’s music is influenced by, The Cars, The Cure, Portishead, and 80’s and 90’s music. In 2015, the band worked with Shanachie Entertainment and released their first debut EP. Fans and critics really enjoy listening to The Last Year’s single, “Sugar” and “Rush,” from their music. “Sugar,” has been played on radio stations all over the United States.

The Last Year has toured over 30 countries and on three continents. The Last Year has been supporting acts for: Neon Hitch, Semi Precious Weapons, Phantogram, Tove Lov, and Nico Vega. Static Automatic will be The Last Year’s first full-length album and will be released in April. The Last Year started their tour on March 29, 2016 in D.C and are will be playing at Cafe 939 in Boston on April 6th ! Tickets are still available! I’m sure you don’t want to miss seeing them rock out on stage!

How did all of you meet?

BJ, Scott, and I were in a band together for about eight years. When that band broke up, Scott (bass & synth player) and I started writing songs together and before we knew it, we had an EP and indie label support from Shanachie Entertainment. When it came time for our tour, we reached out to our guitarist Scott Griffith, “Scotty,” since who we knew from the Baltimore music scene. We knew he’d be perfect for our style and asked him to join. Good thing he said yes!

Why did you name the band, “The Last Year?”

We went through so many names and almost all the ones we came up with had been taken. With just a few choices left, we went with The Last Year because it pretty much summed up all the things that had happened to us at that point – a parting of ways of our previous band and not really knowing where things would go from there.  It was a tough year and it was also 2012, so the Mayan prophecy played a role as well.

Where was their favorite city to perform (Boston obviously haha)?

Believe it or not, this will be our first time playing Boston and we can’t wait!  We do love our home town of Baltimore, MD. Our show last night at Metro Gallery was epic! We love our fans – they really are the best ever!

What inspired you to write the new album?

 The title track, “Static Automatic,” was inspired by our previous band and all the tough times we had. I think we were just a bit too destructive together. We weren’t all on the same page musically and it pushed and pulled a lot and nothing ever really got done. It went on for years and I’m so relieved to finally have a band with the same vision. It is a perfect marriage…. Well, kind of. Haha!

 What are all of your favorite songs on your album?

  • BJ – “Static Automatic”
  • Scotty – “Rush”
  • Niki & Scott – “We love all of our song’s equally :)”

How is your tour going?

It’s actually going better than we could have imagined! It’s our first headlining tour and not only have the supporting bands been amazing, but our fans are bringing new people to our shows and we’re really starting to build something special on the road.

Should we be looking out for any new music?

Static Automatic hits iTunes on April 8th!! We will also be premiering the music video for our new single “Rush” very soon!


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