Summer please

Now that summer is only a few month’s away, all I want is warm weather! Last week it was mid 60s and low 70s and now it is 25 degrees in Beverly, Massachusetts?! On Saturday my roommate and I were getting ready to go out and go to a few parties. I usually play my music while we do get ready and on Saturday I played, “Kings of Summer” by ayokay and Quinn XCII.


ayokay is from Detroit, Michigan and has numerous remixes on SoundCloud. He produced a lot of Quinn XCII’s music, who is featured in the track I chose to share with everyone.


Quinn XCII is an Indie artist from Detroit, Michigan and is currently touring with SoMo. Quinn just came out with his new album, “Bloom” and you can listen to it on Spotify. He will be coming to Portland, Maine on April 29, and to Providence on April 30! I highly advise getting tickets to see both of them when you have the change!

Listen on,




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