Weezer’s new album, “The White Album,” was released on April 1. Funny enough, over the summer I worked at a hotel in the reservation department. I was able to book a room for the lead singer, River Cuomo and his family! It was awesome!


The band formed in Los Angeles in 1992 and have released over 10 albums. Over the past years the band has had numerous members, but the current members of the band are:

  • Rivers Cuomo — Lead vocals, lead guitar, and harmonica
  • Patrick Wilson — Drums, percussion, vocals, guitar, and keyboards
  • Brian Bell — Rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • Scott Shriner — Bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, guitar

In 1993 the band signed with Geffen Records and released their first album, The Blue Album. This album features their most popular songs at the time, “Say It Ain’t So” and “Buddy Holiday.” In 1995 at the MTV Music Video Awards they won: Best Alternative Video, Breakthrough Video, Best Direction, and Best Editing, for their song, “Buddy Holly.” In 2009 at the Grammy’s they won the Best Short Form Music Video for their song, “Pork and Beans.” Since then the band has come out with 10 albums. The new album is great and I highly advise listening to it. The band is on tour and will be coming to Mansfield, MA and Groton, NH.


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