G-Eazy morning

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you but it has been one long week for me. Thankfully I am going up to NH with my mom and going to the slush party at Loon Mountain with my relatives! I cannot wait for this!! This morning as I came out of the shower  I heard my roommate play, “I Mean It” by G-Eazy, briefly. I never got into rap until my junior year of high school.

26 year old rapper and song-writer, G-Eazy , who’s real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, is from Oakland, California. During his time at Loyola University in New Orleans, he started recording music and according to MTV Artists, he decided to do that rather than go to parties. In 2011 he released, Endless Summer, and when he graduated from Loyola in 2012 he released another album, Must Be Nice. Must Be Nice was composed and produced completely by him and was #3 on iTunes at the time. In 2013 he went on his first headline tour and had numerous shows sold out.

Today G-Eazy has 7 albums today, including the one’s from college. He is currently on tour and was in Massachusetts in January! I’m in love with his most recent album, When It’s Dark Out. I love it and can’t stop playing it! He just released a single, “Order More” which is from his album When It’s Dark Out, but it features, Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, and Starrah. The next few shows are in CA and Europe, so if you’re in that area then I highly advise going!






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