Vacation Manor Interview

Well I’ve already written an article about the band but I’m more than happy to copy and paste haha.  The indie band, Vacation Manor, and they are from Lynchburg, Virginia. The band members are (from left to right): Cole Young (drummer), Nathan Towels (lead singer and guitar), Dane Spearman (bass), and Josh Morales (guitar and BGV’s). The band formed in 2014 and their first concert was in Washington D.C at Battle of the Bands. Before playing the concert, the group wrote and played two songs and won the competition.

Vacation Manor has played with: Magic Man, Civil Twilight, and more! Their music is influenced by: Young the Giant, Leagues, and the War on Drugs. The song I chose came out in October, 2015 and their EP will be released this spring. They have two more concerts on April 23 in Forest, VA at the Lynchstock Music Festival and on June 10 in Richmond, VA at the Capital Ale House. I was lucky enough to interview the Nathan (lead singer and guitarist) and Cole (drummer)!

What do you write your music about?

Nathan: A good amount of the upcoming EP deals with a complicated relationship I was in except for the song “Magic” which is about me and the rest of the guys in the band deciding to really pursue music and realizing the sacrifice that comes with that. That song has been the one for me that keeps developing more meaning as time goes on because it’s experience that I’m consistently living. It seems that life often comes to a crossroads that requires you to either keep grinding and doing what you love or take the easy route out and choose the path of comfort.

Where did of all you meet?

Nathan: Warning: this is a long (but fun) story. Josh (lead guitar) and I grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and we’ve been really close friends since 2011. Dane (bass) and Cole have both lived in Lynchburg, VA for about ten years and met at a video shoot for a local music festival called, Lynchstock in 2014. I met Dane that same summer at a the music festival because he and I were playing for an artist at the event. After the festival, Dane and I had kept in touch and I had gone back to D.C. where I was going to school at the time.

In October 2014, I decided to play my songs in public for the first time at a Battle of the Bands in D.C. The only problem was – I didn’t have a band. I ended up asking Dane if he’d be willing to make the four hour drive to come play bass for me and asked Josh to play guitar. At that point we had no drummer, so I asked Dane if he knew anyone who could fill in and next thing you know Dane, Josh, Cole, and I were practicing in my bedroom the night before the show. Long story short, we ended up winning the Battle of the Bands and haven’t stopped playing and writing together since. It’s been a wild ride, but dynamite

What is your favorite song on your new album and on your EP?

Cole: Personally, my favorite track on the new EP is definitely “Falling Back.”Many of the songs we have written came very naturally to us but this one did not and we really had to work for it. When we wrote “Falling Back” last winter we were constantly trying new ideas and finding ways for the song to feel natural and cohesive. Now that we have found it, the song has become so satisfying to play and listen to.
Nathan: I would have to agree with Cole, “Falling Back” was a tricky song and we tried so many different variations of that song. We played it live for about a year before recording it, so it feels like its been 5 different songs in the process of evolving to what it is. It’s really cool listening to that song completed. After a year of it slowly being written it just feels like dynamite to play live now!

What was your favorite city and venue to perform at, so far?

Cole: The record shop in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, our hometown, Speakertree, has gotta be my favorite venue we’ve performed at. It’s a small record shop downtown that turns into one of the most intimate show settings each time we play there. Speakertree isn’t anything fancy, but I think that might be what makes it so special. When you play at a venue that doesn’t have a fancy sound system or lighting rig, the only thing the audience has to pay attention to is the music they’re hearing that is being played by the people in front of them. It also helps that each show is usually packed out with some of our closest friends!

What should your fans be looking forward too?

Nathan: Our fans along the east coast will be able to catch us from D.C down thru Florida this summer, which is definitely exciting! They can look forward to the new EP. For the past six months we have only had one song released and we can’t be more stoked to be releasing new music for our fans to hear.

What are some of your musical influences?

Cole: A lot of the influences I’ve had have come from people that I have had personal interaction with. My neighbor, Mark Bassie, taught me how to play drums and still to this day he’s one of my influences. Will Chapman of Colony House has been a major influence to me over the years as well. I met Will when I was in ninth grade and I instantly thought he was the coolest dude. His drumming was ridiculously tight and he was one of the few drummers I had seen that was also a great performer. And of course, Ronnie Vanucci, Jr… The Killers were the first rock band I fell in love with, and the songs Ronnie Vanucci has written/ played on will always be a part of my life and musical influence. Unfortunately I am yet to have a personal interaction with Ronnie, but I promise I’m working on it.
Nathan: John Mayer and Jon Foreman are two staple artists that have been huge influences since middle school. More recent influences have been The Strokes, Roman Candle, The Preatures, and Young The Giant to name a few.

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