Loyola’s New Rising Star: Jack Fiskio


I was able to talk with my friend, Jack Fiskio, who just released new music on SoundCloud. This rising start is from Wellesley, Massachusetts and is currently a senior Loyola University in New Orleans, LA. However, when Jack has free time he is playing the guitar, recording, and coming up with new music. I’ve only known Jack for a few months but he’s played one or two of his two tracks on his album in my kitchen and they were amazing!

When did you start playing music?

I started playing music when I was fifteen years old. My brothers best friend would always bring his guitar over to our house and I fell in love with it. After that I got my first guitar and began playing with my friend Nate on Cape Cod during the summer. We couldn’t stop playing and I haven’t stopped since.

Which artists/musicians have inspired your music?

A lot of artists have had different influences on my music and when I was growing up I listened to a lot of: Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and Bruce Springsteen. They have inspired me to keep writing, recording, and performing.

Who has influenced your music when you write and play?

When I am getting ready to write a new song I usually listen to artists like Jake Owen, Sam Hunt, and Dan + Shay. They correlate with my songwriting style best, so listening to their music gets my mind flowing and gets me ready to write.

I know you said you play all different genres of music, what’s your favorite?

I have released music in many different genre’s including hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B, folk and country. My favorite style of music to listen to is country, but I find myself writing mostly folk songs because I mainly only have my vocals and an acoustic guitar.

What are a lot of your songs about?

A lot of my songs are about past relationships with girls, however most of them aren’t entirely true. Often times I base a song off of a story that happened in my life, but then let the song go where it wants and it may end up somewhere entirely different than what really happened. It’s all about intriguing the listener, so if I can make the story more interesting by changing the story a little bit, I’m going to do that.

Now that you’ve finished your album, how long did you work on it and whats your favorite track on it?

I have a new project that will be released in June. It is completely written but only half the songs have been recorded as of now. This project took about 6 months to write and 6 months to record so about a year after I began writing these songs it will be released. My favorite song off this project is a song called “Jack In Your Coke” and I am very excited to release it on iTunes and Spotify.

Well Jack we can’t wait to hear your work! I’m sure everyone will enjoy listening to it!


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