Megan (Davies) Monday


Last Friday I was able to talk to one of the coolest and nicest girls in Nashville, Megan Davies. Davies is originally from Harrisburg, PA but once she graduated from high school she packed her bags and went to Nashville for school. Davies went to Belmont University and graduated in 2012. Davies is known for her acoustic covers and music that she posts on YouTube. I found her music on Spotify and I love listening to her mashups that she records with her friends and sister.

I love hearing about everyone’s back story and how they started playing and getting into music. So I’d love to hear your story!

I started out as a guitar player and I started playing the guitar when I was twelve. I loved playing it and I just knew it was what I wanted to do. When I moved to Nashville for college my original plan was to be a guitar player and be behind people playing the guitar and hopefully tour and play in studios, etc… I kinda of fell in love with the scene here and there are a lot of songwriters here in Nashville and I loved it. I absorbed everything and love singing and writing my own songs. There are a lot of kids who move to Nashville to do similar things and play music.

Shortly after I graduated, I started doing my YouTube videos with my younger sister, Jaclyn, and friends of mine in Nashville. We started doing covers and we’ve done a few originals and it took off from there. It took off about 2 1/2 years ago and since then I’ve been able to tour and play my music, which has been really fun as well as doing covers and playing with my friends. It’s been a good time!

How was your tour?

I just finished up a West coast tour a few weeks ago and I’m sort of taking a break. I did about four different tours within a year! I did the East coast three times, went to Canada, and I did the West coast in February. Right now I’m taking a little bit of a break from traveling and I hopefully will start recording an album and getting it done by next year and then get back on the road again.

Would your album mostly have covers or be a combination of your own music and covers?

It would probably be all of my own music. I think it’s surprising for people because when I tour I play covers live and I play a lot of my own music. It’s surprising because I’ve held off from releasing my own music online, so most people just know me from my covers. It has been a creative decision that I really want to give the songs time to grow and you learn a lot about your songwriting when you play in-front of an audience. By letting the songs grow over tour and figuring out what feels good and also trying to figure out the best way to get into a studio to record my songs.

I do everything on Spotify and iTunes and I record on my laptop by myself. For an album I’d like to properly go into a studio and have the full experience of releasing and making an album. Again, it would mostly be originals and so far the response I have been getting on tour has been really great. Especially since the people who come to the shows know me for my covers and it’s amazing when they come up and tell me they like them. It’s been great and I think the response has been forming.

Where is your favorite place to perform (location/venue)?

When I tour it is just me a my guitar and I don’t tour with a band so I play at a lot of crazy places. It’s not even just a music venue, it’s just a place to play. When I first started touring, I was just signing up for anything and everything. Someone asked me to play at their frat house in Virginia once. I’ve played at a lot of interesting places but I think what I’ve learned is that it’s not really even the room, it’s more the people in the room who make the shows. I’ve played at rundown warehouses in the middle of nowhere and I’ve played at historic venues that huge people got their start at in New York or things like that. To me it’s really the people in the audience who make the show and how they respond to what you’re doing.

I had a really great show recently in New York at the Rockwood Music Hall, which was really fun. I’ve also had really good house shows in people’s living rooms in the middle of Missouri. It’s because the people come with open heart’s and minds and are there to have a good time. Again, it’s mostly the people I guess. When your starting off especially because you’re playing in empty rooms sometimes and you give your everything. It makes you appreciate people in the audience and I’m just so thankful to have people listening and it makes the whole difference.

How do you pick what songs to cover?

For me because I do covers with another person with a friend or my sister. A lot of the times it just starts off with us jamming and sitting in my living room and kind of learning chords and listening on Spotify and saying, “does this work?” Typically you know pretty quickly when something works and just finding with what you’re vibing with. It almost always just starts with jamming and having fun and almost the same way I did with friends in junior high. I find when I try to be super strategic about releasing covers I figure out that this just came out so it would be pretty big. If I try and only do covers for that reason then they almost end up never being big or anything. The one’s I’ve done that have gotten greats responses have been purely out of, “we really are vibing with this,” regardless of when we release it versus the original. It’s just us having fun and thinking we should do something cool with it.

How hard are creating the mashup’s?

 I think the mashups are a different “animal.” I usually do mashups with my sister and I don’t know what it is but it’s like really easy. Most of the mashups we do we come up with it really quickly! My favorite was done with Nick Jonas’s song, “Chains,” and One Directon’s, “Drag me Down.” There are parts of it where I just I’m just like those songs are meant to be together. We came up with that in the car when we were on tour really quickly. The mashups we have done haven’t been as complex as people think. There is just a different process because there is a lot more arranging and figuring out the puzzle I guess and how to put it together.

A cover can just be one song can be hard because you have to differetiante yourself from the original and how can I change things. Should we speed it up? Should we change the melody more? etc…. It’s just different challenges for both, but I don’t think necessairly one’s harder than the other.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be?

I love Ed Sheeran a lot and I think he’s just can captivate people with the guitar and I have a lot of respect for that so I think that’d be really cool. I think our styles would go together and I mean there are other people I’d love to collaborate with but it could be a mess of my styles not going well with others. I love Radiohead and I’d love to jam and play guitar with and behind them.

If you could see anyone in concert right now, who would it be?

I think it would be Adele but in a smaller setting. I’d love to see her in an arena but I love seeing people in smaller venues. I’d love to see Radiohead because I’ve never seen them live or Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis.

Keep on rocking for me and can’t wait to see you in Boston at some point! xo-A





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