This new electronic-deep house music, DJ duo, ACHTABAHN is starting to hit the charts! The boys are from Munich, Germany are finally making a name for themselves. They’ve played at music festivals, concerts, and their own gigs. They are going to be the next big thing, at least what I think, in the electronic music world! I was able to interview both of them and I highly advise listening to them too! T

Are you writing any new music or plan on making a new album?

We have a lot of plans, but right now we are focused on our latest single, “Like a New Love.” The harmonica sample we used in this track is well known in the UK . It was the soundtrack of a television show called. “The Old Grey Whistle Test” which was broadcast 1971 – 1987. Our third single is on the way as well and it’ll be a surprise again. We also released a remix in the USA, “Bottle of Jack” by Mikey Wax and we have a lot of exciting ideas and co-operations in mind that could be enough for a few albums.

Where has your favorite place to perform been so far?

Our favorite place to perform so far was in Bremen. It was at an outdoor festival because we enjoyed how the atmosphere was exciting and the crowd had a lot of fun watching us.


I think a lot of people know you for your song, which is also one of my favorite song’s at the moment, “Like a New Love.” What is “Like a New Love” about?

It is about the feeling of falling in love which we all know or which we should at least. It’s the special kind of humor you have when you meet someone new you like by first sight. With this song, we want to send some good vibes out to the world.

Do you mostly do remixes of songs or do you write your own music?

Actually we do and love both ways, picking up moods or snippets of existing songs and give them our own style or to start from the beginning with an impression or feeling in mind. We have a great writer team here in Munich but also love to write and compose with people from other places and other nations

 Keep on rockin’ on for me guys! Can’t wait to see you perform at some point!



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