The cutest duo on the internet: Colin and Caroline

Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck are one of the cutest duo’s you will ever see on YouTube. Healy and Mauck are from Richmond, Virginia (Vacation Manor is from their too) and attended Trinity Episcopal school together. After college they contacted each other and started writing and covering songs together. Their fist cover was, “I Believe in A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. After uploading that song on YouTube they have covered, “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, “Kids” by MGMT, “You’re the One That I Want” from the movie, Grease, and more. If you’ve never heard their music, from their originals to their covers, you’ll love it all! I was able to talk to Mauck and we talked about there beginning to their future plans 🙂
How did you and Colin meet? 
We went to high school together and both played music, but pursued it in different directions.  We reconnected after a few years of being away, and started playing music together on several YouTube covers which led to more live shows and events.  Then we officially became our duo “Colin & Caroline” 🙂
Are you writing any of your own music?
We have both always written our own music individually, but as a duo we’ve also released several originals that we wrote together.  Those are available on iTunes, and Spotify.  We’ve been really fortunate with Spotify, in that they’ve added our originals and covers to several popular public playlists, which has expanded our sound in amazing ways.  It’s been a great way for our music to be heard by different people in different places, and we’re thankful for everyone tuning in!
How is your tour going? What was your favorite place to perform so far?
We’re not currently on tour, but we’ve loved playing different shows and events in the Virginia area-  We’re looking forward to opening for Kevin Devine at a venue here in Richmond called “The Broadberry” later this month.  It’s a goal for us to head North in the near future to play some shows up there too!  We’d love to play up in New York and Boston.
For any new listeners, what song should they listen to first?
If someone hasn’t heard our music before, they should listen to “More Than Gravity” (which is one of my favorites!).  It’s one of the first songs we wrote together and it came together very organically.  We think it sums up who we are as musicians and artists, and we’re so excited that it has already reached over 9 million streams on Spotify!
What was your favorite song you did a cover too?
Our most recent cover “High and Dry” by Radiohead is our current favorite, because it’s a song that we’ve both loved forever by a band we respect tremendously.  Our favorite covers are when we take a song from a different genre, and strip it down to it’s core.  It’s easy to do this with songs that are really well-written, like “High and Dry.”
Keep on rockin’ Colin and Caroline! Hope to see you in Boston soon xo!

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