YouTube sensation, Tyler Ward


28 year-old singer and songwriter from Denver, CO, Tyler Ward is known for his covers on YouTube. This independent musician started playing music when his mom told him that they needed a bass player and from then he has had a strong passion for music. Ward uploaded videos of him covering artists music with friends on YouTube. Ward recorded his first full length album in 2013, Honestly, and then completed his EP, Yellow Boxes, in 2015. Ward ended his Yellow Boxes tour last year but has already been on eight tours all over the country!  I was able to interview Tyler and ask him about his album, his song writing, and his covers.

When did you show an interest in music and songwriting?

I got into music/play/and writing when my mom was like, “Yo, you’re going to play bass guitar at church because we need a bass player.” I was like, “What is a bass guitar?” So I started playing it and it was really, really fun and I started messing around with drums and the guitar, actually all at church in eighth grade.


Tyler, your released your EP, Yellow Boxes in 2015. How long did it take to you write Yellow Boxes. What is your process as a musician when writing and producing an album too?

I wrote about 35 songs for an EP that I was going to do but I didn’t actually get the exact song choice in order until after I came home. I actually went to Nashville to write and I didn’t use any of those songs in this EP. I actually ended up writing a bunch of new stuff since I was so inspired. I was at home kind of mixing, messing around, and producing and I started writing lyrics over some of these beats and some stuff that I was creating. It took me about a month about to do the writing and finish picking songs and stuff like that and then it took me about another month to produce. It generally takes me a song a day to mix and master in that time frame, but with my EP I second guessed myself cause their originals. I think that’s why a lot of different artists have different producers work on their stuff so there’s a second set of ears and they can get a good feel for it and stuff like that. For me though I wanted to do it myself and it took a little bit longer than I anticipated. It was a two to three-month process overall from the beginning to end.

When you write music, what are most of your songs about?

Most of my songs are generally relationship based stuff. Whether that’s between friends, girlfriends, God, just relationship stuff over everything.

Who are some of your musical influences when writing music?

Man that’s a great question! Actually, I like too not necessarily steal but borrow different melodies and different hook-ideas and structure from a lot of different top 40 pop music, honestly. I feel like some of that stuff has the best hooks and it gets people in the most and then just put it into my style. As far as musical influences are concerned, to be honest I listen to a lot of country, Thomas Rhett who is really awesome! He’s been a recent one after my record was released. (Check out my article on him and his song, “I Feel Good!”)

You do a lot of covers of songs. What was your favorite song to cover?

That’s a tough question since I like every single cover I do. There may have been five or six where I’m like, “I don’t like this,” but I put it out anyways as far as search results. Every single song I end up recording, as far as covers are concerned, I really enjoy doing. There’s a creative artist component that you can pull from and make it your own and be creative on all the different types of cover’s. It feels original, so I’m like them and their fun!

Keep on rockin’ Tyler! Hope to see you on the road again soon!


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