Barrie Rose

Echo Park native, Barrie Rose is probably one of the cutest and perkiest musicians I have seen/talked too.


Barrie Rose and her producer Adam Samuel Goldman have created her perfect electro-pop album, by using numerous instruments and creating a good beat. Her songs explore the complexities of emotions and experiences faced in daily life. Already, people have been raving about her music!

  • Hello Giggles says “1 plus 1” “nails the sensation of looking at someone, wordlessly exchanging a lived history, and then moving past it for the better” and is “a perfectly cathartic breakup song.”
  • Popular TV loves Barrie’s video for “Naked Dream,” saying “Barrie has created a Barbie dream world we want to live in” and “Barrie Rose make avantgarde electro-pop that’s just so damn catchy.”
  • Drunken Werewolf says “Naked Dream” has “All the makings of a chart-topping success,” combining a “CocoRosie-inspired penchant for experimenting with sound with the cute addictive quality of Alex Winston and the leftfield wandering of Gunakadeit.”

Not only is she cute, but her music is too. Rose’s music and voice somewhats reminds me of Melanie Martinez who was on, The Voice. I was able to talk with Rose, who influences her music, and future plans.

I always ask my artist’s and bands that I interview to tell me their story and how they got into music. Would you mind telling your story?

My mom made me start playing the piano when I was five and I loved to tinker around and play whatever I wanted. However, I hated practicing the actual sheet music and all the other stuff I was told to learn. When I started doing small concerts, instead of playing a song I would learn, my teacher let me sit and improvise melodies with her. When I was seven or eight, we would just be improvising in shows and that was super fun for me. I quit playing piano when I was ten or so and then a while later in high school all my guy friends played music. My first real boyfriend, who I fell in love with encouraged me to play piano and sing, so I started doing that a bit.

I always loved acting and I always thought I would be an actress, ever since I was seven. I did a bunch of plays, commercials, short films, etc… I wanted to go to this drama school called, The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and I had to sing a song for the audition. I took a few voice lessons to prepare for that and I found out I really loved to sing. My voice teacher said I could go to a music school where she was head of the vocal department, and since I had no idea what I was really doing I said, “Ok, yes.” I started singing and became obsessed! I was playing the guitar too and just started writing songs all the time. I locked myself in my garage and didn’t talk to anyone for a long period of time and just practiced and practiced. It just felt like I had to! I knew I had a lot of catching up to do—I didn’t sing so well in the beginning—so I had to practice a ton.

 If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

That’s so cool. There are a lot of artists I respect and would love to collaborate with, some old-some new probably. All of them I would want to collab with for different reasons; I can’t just pick ONE.

The Weeknd, Prince, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Pharrell, Major Lazer, Mac Demarco, Grimes, Stevie Wonder, Stevie Knicks, Cyndi Lauper, Willow Smith….

 Are you working on any new music, album, singles, or even planning on going on tour?

Yes!!! I always have projects in the works; I just can’t stop creating. Now, I am self- producing a set of three EP’s. I am actually in the mixing studio right now as I write this, mixing a few songs from that. I’m super excited on those because they all have different themes and sounds. Each one will have different people playing on them—so they have different vibes—but my songs are pretty much all pop songs and I am writing and producing them in a similar way so at the core they are part of the same family. There will be singles I’m sure.

I would love to tour. I want to travel the world and tour everywhere so much. I guess I just need a booking agent or something like that. I guess I am only focusing on what I feel like I am inspired to do, and that is making these new songs.

 What genre of music do you think you produce?

Pop. That is a really big genre obviously, but to me it has to do with the way songs are structured and the nature of the melodies. Plus, I love catchy hooks and grooves. To me, the new stuff is “soul-sexy feel good pop.”

 Who are some of your musical influences?

The Supremes, Al Green, Dusty Springfield, Blondie, Marvin Gaye, Cyndi Lauper, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, Patti Smith, Lauren Hill, Donna Summer.

Keep on rockin’ for me and hope to see you in Boston soon! Xo


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