Madelyn (Grant) Monday

I never thought I would be able to say but I was able to interview the beautiful Grammy nominated R&B artist from Michigan, Madelyn Grant. Grant began performing in clubs in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan to start her career and man has it taken off for her. Grant has collaborated with ODESZA (who I’m sure a lot of people know by now), FJK (who’s music is incredibly sexy), and the Emancipator. She has been performing in clubs and music festivals within the last year and you need to see her play asap. I was able to talk to her and ask her about her career and what she will be doing in the future!

You were nominated for your vocals on the RAC remix of, “Say My Name feat Zyra,” By ODEZSA. How did you like working with ODESZA?

Working with ODESZA was incredible. At the time when I reached out to them, I listened to them on my iPod every day walking to class, so it was quite surreal to have the opportunity to collaborate. It opened a lot of doors for me for future collaborations! Harrison and Clay are such great people to work with.

When did you start showing an interest in music?
I began singing in choir since the seventh grade and I sang a lot in high school, but writing music is still very very new to me. I wrote my first song called “Purpose” my junior year of college (which was just 2.5 years ago) with a good friend of mine.
Are you working on a new EP or album?
 Yes, I’ve been writing lots of music- focusing on developing as a songwriter and honing in on my style. I’ll be raising money via Kickstarter the beginning of May to record my debut EP! If all goes as planned, the EP will probably be finished late fall.
If you were to collaborate with someone who would it be?
Lianne La Havas
What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic work and/or career?
Writing a song with FKJ that ended up getting a lot of positive press and stands at almost 2 million plays on Spotify and SoundCloud. Besides “Purpose, Waiting” was the second song I co-wrote and co-produced so it was pretty crazy to get to work with such a talented producer and musician.
Also, it was quite surreal to collaborate with Doug Appling (Emancipator). Years prior to the collaboration, I went to countless Emancipator shows and I literally used to dream about collaborating with Doug. Then after a few Facebook messages and emails were exchanged, I went on tour with the Emancipator Ensemble across the country! I’m extremely grateful for that experience because it completely changed the way I view my music career and what I’m striving for in the future.

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