Greg Hvnsen



Electronic musician, producer, songwriter, guitarist, from West Palm Beach, Florida, Greg Hvsen does it all. His tracks have become very beautiful and I love the beats he has created.


  • “What Would You Have Me Do” received more love on the blogosphere
    • Alfitude saying the track is “the nicest song you’ll hear this week”
    • I Heart Moosiq calling it, “lithe and limber synthpop.”
I was able to talk with him about his love for music and his process as a musician when writing music!

I always ask my artists and bands that I interview to tell me their story and how they got into music. Would you mind telling yours?

I’ve been an obsessive music fan my whole life.  Ever since I was a kid, I was always passionate about music, but more curious when it came to playing instruments, etc…  My mom had an acoustic guitar that I would fool with but I had no idea how it worked.  When I was 17, I met a dear friend of mine who played guitar.  He had a band and sang and played lead guitar and I thought that was the coolest thing on the planet.  We would skip school all the time and he would show me a few things here and there. Later that year, some friends were going to see Phish in Brooklyn. He ordered one ticket but they accidentally sent him two, so he gave me the other.  That was pretty much the end right there. Feeling all that energy for the first time, I was hooked.  I went home, jumped on the Internet and learned 5 Phish songs in a weekend.  From then on, I was playing 6-10+ hours a day. Six months later, I was in the band playing all the leads, then some touring, a solo project and a lot of time in the studio. The rest is kind of history.

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

If I had to pick one? Right now?  I would have to pick Diplo, but right there with him are Flume, Lido, Electric Mantis and Annabel Jones. They are all incredibly brilliant in my opinion


 Are you working on any new music, album, singles, or even planning on going on tour?

I am always working on new GREG HVNSEN music. I write everyday; I make a few tracks a week and I am working on a debut album.  It’s sounding better every day.

Who are some of your musical influences?

I’m an old soul. My influences go back. Songwriting? Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon. Guitar? Trey Anastasio, Derek Trucks, Blake Mills. Producing? Dilla, RZA, George Martin. But there are so many current ones, I could write a book!

What is your process as a musician when you are in the studio writing music or even creating an album?

I spend most of my time practicing and refining. Sound design, mixing techniques, sample hunting etc… When I’m in the studio, I like to work really, really, really fast.  I like to have a song written, arranged, tracked and programmed in an hour or two. That may sound like it’s rushed or forced, but quite the opposite. It prevents me from over-thinking.  The result is more fluid. Not all pieced together and rigid.  If I don’t get the song out in one sitting, I tend to lose the big picture, the emotion I was trying to capture or the energy I was trying to create. Once the structure is done, I’ll spend a day tracking solid vocals and another editing, fx, mixing and mastering.

 Keep on rockin’ and I hope to see you in Boston soon!


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