Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen is from the best city on earth, Boston, and is one bad ass musician that you’ll ever meet or talk too. Jensen attended George Washington University and Northeastern University on soccer scholarships. However, Jensen was expelled from both Universities due to working for a booking and selling “a little weed.” Stabbings, assaults, scars, arrests, robberies, weekly supervised check-ins, etc… made him want to change his life around. Jensen flew to L.A to record some music, but when he returned to Boston, the police were waiting for him to arrest him for  violating his probation.
Today, Jensen is doing extremely well and has been working on his music 24/7. His strong voice, powerful and rich lyrics, and new attitude, have really kept his career going strong. He collaborated with Dash Berlin and Syzz in June, 2014 along with opening for: Pat Benatar, Train, The Wall Flowers, Los Lonely Boys, and more. He recently released his new track, “Ritual” on May 4, 2016. I was able to talk with Jensen about his current music and what his plans are for the future.
I always ask the artists I interview what their background is. How did you get into music? When did you start playing or have an interest in music, etc.?  
Ive been a rock n’ rolla since birth maaaaaaan. My mother was really into good music like, The Doors, Clapton, and U2 – we used to take the T to those free Oldies 103.3 shows they used to do at government center – so music was always around. I started taking piano lessons when I was about 8 years old from an old lady at church. She taught me classical stuff like Bach and Mozart but I really just learned so i could play The Beatles and make up my own songs. I played piano until I was about 12 years old and saw Kurt Cobain on MTV and was like whoooooooooa shit and I immediately started teaching myself guitar.
I got my start playing live music at open mics around New England when I was 15 or 16. My Uncle Steve would drive me all over New England and even down to NYC and I’d play open mics at bars and coffeehouses. I probably played hundreds of them. Usually they made me wait outside until it was my turn to play so we would just sit outside with a flask until they came out to get me.  My first actual ticketed gig was when I was about sixteen at a place in Southie called the Seaport Bar and Grill (now its called Whiskey Priest). I used to play all night for the people coming off the harbor cruise ships. Brawls would break out and grown women would leave me their numbers in my guitar case. I got paid in cheeseburgers and glasses of vodka. It was awesome. My first actual ticketed show was at O’Briens in Allston. When I was like sixteen I made a demo on an old four track recorder and sent that shit around to every single venue in the city and O’Briens was literally the only place to write back to me. Good old O’Briens!!
You seem like you’re one of the bad boy’s of Boston after being kicked out of two colleges, selling weed, and getting arrested a handful of times.  How did you move forward from that period of time?
Why thank you haha. I just got so sick of checking into probation every weekend and looking over my shoulder all the time and needing to get written permission anytime I wanted to leave the state and holding my breath every time a cop drove by. Smoking blunts and recording music is way better than waking up in a jail cell all the time. That being said I’m not so sure I ever really ‘moved forward…’ I just started doing nothing but music all day every day so there really isn’t any time for trouble. Or maybe I just don’t get caught anymore.
I love your song, “Numb!” It’s a great track and I love the beat. What is it about? Is “Numb” the song that a listener of yours should hear first from the EP? If not, which song should a new fan listen to first if they’ve never heard your music?
Appreciate it! Numb is just me singing the blues man. The new blues. The Boston blues. Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but drink and smoke until you are numb. Simple as that. I’m not sure about which song listeners should hear first.
You just made a music video for your song, “Numb” in April. How was that process? Did you enjoy filming? 
The process was great and Ivo, the Director, made everything really smooth. We just chatted back and forth about ideas until we had something that stuck with us. I really just wanted a video that captured the hopelessness and the despair and the darker elements of the song and Ivo definitely delivered on that.  It’s an allegorical video. I don’t usually like to be in the videos because I’m a terrible actor but I think the actor and the actress did an awesome job.
Who are some of the artists that you admire or that influence your music?
John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Stephan Jenkins, and Elvis Presley.
Are you working on a full length album or planning or going on tour?
All of the above! I’m probably just gonna keep releasing singles this summer because I’m independent and I do whatever I want. I have an album coming out sometime at the end of the summer and a bunch of shows in the Northeast. Or maybe ill drop two albums, I don’t know. I’m really looking forward to the live shows because that’s my favorite part of all this.
Keep on rockin’ Adam! Cannot wait to see you live at some point!

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