Parade of Lights

Everyone needs to add at least one of Parade of Lights song’s to their summer 2016 playlist. I have been listening to Parade of Lights since early September and the band has  been producing music that everyone can dance and rock out too. Parade of Light’s rock and electronic sound is so different from everyone’s music. Their EP, Feeling Electric, was released in 2015 and features their most popular (which are also a few of my favorite tracks at the moment): “Golden,” “We’re The Kids,” and “Feeling Electric.”

The member’s of Parade of Lights are:

  • Ryan Daly — Lead Singer
  • Anthony Improgo — Drummer
  • Randy Schulte — Bass Player
  • Michelle Ashley — Pianist/key board player

Parade of Lights is a “360 artist” because they produce their own albums. It’s extremely cool to me that they’re qualified as this type of artist because you don’t see many bands like this today. Parade of Lights designed their album cover, made their own lyric-videos, album’s, etc… Daly and Improgo wrote and self-produced Feeling Electric and worked with Nashvilee’s Left Plus Right Studio and Grand Victor Sound. I’m truly a fan of their music and advice all of you to listen to them! They know how to make great and give positive energy when they play! I was able to talk with Southern California native, Ryan Daly.

How and when did you become interested in music?

I came from a pretty musical family. My parents were actually in a band together when I was a teenager, but they split up when I was four. My dad continued writing songs and is a solo writer. He got me a guitar when I was nine and he taught me how to play some of his songs. I would spend the weekend with him and my mom but when I spent it at my dad’s he would play and I would learn his songs. I kind of started getting comfortable with the guitar and my mom wasn’t as knowledgeable on how to tune the guitar and stuff because I didn’t know how to do it. My mom would come home and I would be listening to the radio and learn songs. I probably spent a good three or four years doing that and I think I started my first band when I was thirteen. I was in so many different bands and there were so many different variations and different types of types music. So here we are. I’ve just been in bands ever since.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.41.47 AM

How did all of the band member’s meet?

I met Anthony  (drummer) in 2006 through mutual friends and we started the band, Polus. Randy Schulte, our bass player joined that band as well. We played in the L.A area for a year or so  and one night we were playing a show and it was sold out! It was awesome! However, I dislocated my knee on stage and I couldn’t stand up. I had to lay on the floor till the paramedics came and took me off. Needless to say that put us on a break for a little bit. We needed to make money and everyone took their own respective touring gigs and we all kept in contact but we did our own thing for close to, oh my gosh, four or five years. Anthony and I linked up when we were in Australia and doing stuff and we said, “Lets get the band back together.”

Michelle Ashley (Pianist)

We decided to pull it back together and got together with Randy and named it, Parade of Lights. We met Michelle (Pianist/key board player) about a year after that, probably 2013. That’s kind of how we all got back together.

Why is the band named, Parade of Lights? I like it because I think it’s pretty 🙂

It was a lyric in a song and when I sent the song to Anthony he also heard the lyric, and said, “That’s a good band name, it’s cool.” There’s no crazy story to it, it was just funny enough. I think as long as it sounds good, then it’s good.

When writing and playing your music, who are some of the musical influences listeners will hear in your music?

I have always been a big fan of U2 and a lot of rock. I also like singer-song writer, Bryan Adams, Springsteen of course, I mean I could go forever and name so many who influenced me. It changes every week kind of. One week I’ll listen to a record and next week it will be something completely different. I’ll spend a lot of time listening to hip-hop and stuff and then I’ll start to listen to straight up metal. I’ll start to listen to bands that we’re on tour with, but I think that stuff I mentioned before are influences.

If you could collaborate with any artist or go on tour with, who would it be? A lot of the artist’s/bands I ask love answering this.

People always ask us this and I never have a good answer. I’ve gotten this question so many times and I don’t know. I guess U2 would be rad because they play in front of 100,000 people a night and to be a part of a that would be insane. They’ve done some insane stuff and have written some great songs and it would be cool to be part of that legacy.

One of my favorite songs by you is, “Golden.” What’s it really about?

The way I interpret is that it’s a feel good song about coming together with your friends and people you’re close too. The lyric, “Everybody get golden,” is just a metaphor for don’t be afraid to be who you are. It’s a song about being proud about yourself and not stopping yourself or letting people make you feel bad for things you aren’t. I think we made on this last record a point to empower people to feel good about themselves. That’s what a lot of the songs are about. “Golden” is definitely a good song that has a message.

You guys will performing at the music festival, Bonanza, in June! Are you excited?

Yeah! It will be cool! Festival’s are always awesome and every time we play at one it tends to go pretty well because people are just there to have a good time. They’re always going to be rowdy no matter what.

Where has been you favorite place to perform so far?

We have been fourtante to play in really amazing places. I think one of our best shows was at the musical festival, Firefly. It’s sort of in your neck of the woods, it’s in Delaware. We did that and it was pretty awesome. I don’t know but there were a lot of people and they had a great time. It was a lot of fun and it was one of our better shows.

Now that you’re in the studio, are you going to be releasing an EP anytime soon?

Right now were working on the next album which is our goal. We’re getting ideas together and trying to get the sound because at this point, we did what we did on the last record and now we kind of want to evolve as a band. We’re already evolving as a band and my taste is certainly changing and I definitely want this album to reflect that. I think that we’re just spending a reasonable amount of time trying to get the sound right because we really get stuff out there. Hopefully within the next month or so will have a lot of stuff pulled together and a lot of ideas being thrown around. We’re just gonna try to get that next record out.

 Keep on rockin’ for me guys! Hope to see you in Boston soon!


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