James TW

James TW
This British, 18-year-old singer-songwriter is taking England by storm. James lived in a small English village that is two hours outside of London. His father, at the time, was playing guitar in a wedding band and one day he came home and saw James playing on the drums. When his father’s band drummer didn’t make it to a show they allowed James to play on the drums and he fell in love with performing. He began playing the guitar and when he turned twelve years old he began playing the piano. James began posting covers of songs onto YouTube and his videos became extremely popular.
James released his first EP, First Impressions, this year and has six songs. This is one of my favorite EP’s so far and he really wanted his fans to connect to his songs on it.
James, how is the tour going? I’m sure opening for Shawn is amazing!
The tour has been amazing! It’s been great to play the music on the EP to a new crowd every evening and see the way people respond to different songs.
For being 18 years old, you’re extremely talented! What are some of your goals for the future in your career?
Thank you. By the end of this year, I would like to be playing my own headline shows in Europe and the United States. I’d also like to get 1 million plays on all of my EP tracks.
If you could work with any musician right now, who would it be?
 I’d love to get in the room with Bill Withers or Jamie Cullum.
For any new listeners what should the first song they listen to by you be?
I think the first song of mine that they should listen to is When You Love Someone. I am proud of this song – both lyrically & melodically.


Keep on rockin’ James! See you soon in Lowell!

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