A brand from Sweden, The Leanids


The Swedish band, Leanids, is one of the Swedish bands you need to get to know. The band was surprised that I knew their song, “Flying,” because it’s one of my favorite songs. The Leanids began making music in 2009 and have been playing together ever since. The Leanids haven’t played in the U.S yet but I sure hope they do 🙂 Their first album, Under the Leonids, was released in 2011 and their other album, A Wildly, was released in 2014. I was able to talk to the members of the band

Tell me a brief story about you guys and how you came to be where you are today. When did you get into music, etc…

Well, I think all of us have been interested in music more or less all our lives. But I think I speak for all of us when I say that when we got older and started to play ourselves we all became more and more passionate about it. All of us come from an average-sized town in Sweden called VästerĂĄs where, if you play music, chances are that you already know each other or at least know about each other. When Leanids was created back in 2009, we basically already knew about everyone who was going to be playing in the band, even though there’s been quite a few members coming and going since then. Mostly drummers though for some reason. You could say that there is a curse over that spot.. Anyways, the actual creation of the band isn’t that exiting, I don’t think. Me (Claes) and Patric came from a band that had just split up and he still had a bunch of songs so we went looking for some like minded people. And that was it basically.
My favorite song by the band is, “Flying!” I just love the guitar opening and how it progresses. However, I would like to know what “Flying” is about and how look it took the band to produce?
Thank you! We had no idea that song was going to be something that people still listen to and talk about, even six years after recording it. To be frank, I don’t even know how people found it. Haha. We’re very grateful for it though. Anyways, “Flying” is from our first EP and was recorded along with five other songs over a weekend in 2010. We recorded it live on tape so we had to be very careful not to screw up. I think that somehow shines through in the song as well, the natural and careful anticipation. The song itself is about personal growth and finding inner peace. But also about recovering from a relationship. It’s definitely open for interpretation though.
Are you guys producing any new music since your last album that came out in 2014?
We have been recording and producing a lot of music since then. We’re usually not the most time-efficient band, but we hope to be able to release something later this year.
What does your band name mean and where did it come from?
The name itself doesn’t really mean anything, I don’t think. I guess it originates from us wanting to combine the old English word Lea, meaning meadow, with Leonids, which is a meteor shower. Two things we liked and thought could speak for our music quite well.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
It’s hard to say really.. I think we used to be a bit more varied when it came to how we sounded in general. Like on our first EP, we had songs like Flying, which I would describe as something resembling a sixties soul song, but we also had Perennials which I think sounds more like a Grateful Dead jam thing. And then there was Trying Now which could be described as something more of a shoegaze-indie song. We’re not as varied nowadays and I think we’ve found our sound in which we are comfortable. Melodic vocals and guitars, with a steady and down to earth rhythm section. We still like to mix it up though and not call ourselves any specific style or genre. We still want to allow the music to be able to adapt and change along with what we feel like.


 Keep on rockin for me guys and hope to see you soon!

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