One man show, Troy

Troy is one artist that I’ve recently heard who really puts a lot of passion and love into his music. Troy has had one hell of a career and an amazing start. In high school, Troy’s father passed away, but he kept his head up high and attended Boston College on an academic scholarship. Troy would perform at local venues and used music to grieve. In 2013, he moved to New York and worked with music producer, Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production. Troy started his Pledge Music Campaign that was set up to raise funding for his debut EP, When the Lights Came, which was released in 2015 and was incredibly successful. Troy was named, “Artist of the Month” by The Deli New England. His music has been featured on numerous Spotify playlists and his songs have been played over a million times. Troy has opened for Doug Wimbish and Will Cahoun of Living Colour at The School of Rock in Rockville Center.

I was able to talk to Troy about his music, his show in New York on the 19th, and his experience working with author, Jessica Park.

First off, I love your voice! I don’t know there’s just something about it that’s really deep and beautiful. Now, I always ask the artist’s I interview to tell me a little biography about them and what really drove them to create music.

Thank you so much! I grew up in a musical house, my dad was a musician, so singing was always part of life. I loved to sing, although I never really had the guts to sing in front of anyone until i was a little older. I used to love changing the melody of songs I was singing along to and kind of experiment. So I guess that’s where I first started actually creating. When I was in college in Boston, I started a band with my friends and it was then that I began to try to write songs. At that point I had just lost my dad, so it was a really great way for me to kind of put my sadness to use, rather than just being sad.
You have a show on the 19th in New York! Are you excited for it? What do you do before you play a show?
Yes, I’m super excited for this show! It’s gonna be a pretty cool night. About 60 N.Y artists of all different disciplines will be showcasing their work. I’m really proud to showcasing among them. My pre-show routine has definitely matured over the years. A few years ago used to love to drink a lot of Scotch…Now I really just try to stay focused and relaxed. It’s easy to get stressed about things that I can’t control. So I’m working on just being in the moment and singing my ass off.
I’m in love with your song, “Rosary!” The passion in your voice and the lyrics you wrote are just so strong. What’s it about?
Thank you! Rosary is a really personal song for me. Well I guess all my songs are very personal, but this one in particular is really special to me. This song is really about a conversation that I never got the chance to have with my dad. I guess I wanted to know where he thought he was going to go after he died, but I either didn’t have the guts to ask him, or I just didn’t want to admit to myself that he was going to be gone, so I never got the chance to ask. The song is kind of about what I think he would have said. This lyric kind of sum’s it up, “…and I asked do you believe, he said,  love’s the only certainty.” 
What genre do you consider your music to fall into?

Jessica Park asked you to write a song for her book, Restless Waters. What was it like writing a song for a book compared to writing a song for a movie? Was it hard to write a song for a book? Did you have to read the book to fully understand what to write about?
Yes! This was an incredible opportunity for me. I was so honored when Jessica asked me and it was not easy, that’s for sure. I’ve always written about something that happened directly to me. I’d never really tried to write from a different perspective. What ended up happening was, as Jessica introduced me to the character through the prequel, Left Drowning, and as she explained to me more about who this character, Sabin, was and what he was currently going through in Restless Waters.
I felt a bit of a connection to the way he felt and the way he viewed the world. So because of this it gave me a direction as to what to write about. I came up with some ideas and Jessica loved them so I was able to shape the song “Coward.” I’m so proud of it, and so proud that Jessica and I were able to help each other’s art come to life in such unique ways. It is such an amazing feeling to open the book and see my lyrics woven into the story. I know that her readers love how she bravely included music throughout the book. It was a real pleasure to work with her.
What are your plans for the summer?
This summer is going  to be filled with music. I have a lot of new songs on the way that I’m really excited to get out. And we are booking many more shows, here in NY, as well as expanding out a bit. Hopefully we will be visiting Boston a few times. So far 2016 has been a great year for me, and I plan on keeping it that way!
 Keep on rockin’ Troy! Hope to see you in Boston soon!

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