Eric Hutchinson

Washington, D.C, singer/songwriter, pianist, and guitarist, Eric Hutchinson has been all over the world playing for crowds. Hutchinson began performing in front of an audience when he was attending Emerson College in Boston. From that moment on, Hutchinson would play anywhere 24/7. After graduation, Hutchinson found that he truly enjoyed playing jazz-folk music and moved to Los Angeles to purse it. In the summer of 2003, he self-released his debut album, That Could Have Been Better. Madonna’s Warner Bros-distributed label, Maverick Records, found some interest in Hutchinson’s music and Hutchinson signed with the label. During this time though, Maverick Records was involved with a lawsuit with their “parent company” which resulted in shutting down the label.
In 2006, Hutchinson went back to making music under his own label and released his EP, Before I Sold Out. A year later, Hutchinson released his second album, Sounds Like This. That summer, Perez Hilton, blogged about the album and the album because the “Top Ten most downloaded albums online. Warner Bros. record label then re-released the album in 2008. In 2012 he finished his studio album, Moving Up Living Down, and in 2014, he released his album, Pure Fiction,
Hutchinson is currently on tour with Matt Nathanson and Phillip Phillips. I was able to talk to Hutchinson briefly.
When you grew up, who influenced you to play music?
I grew up in a very musical family. My parents were obsessed with the Beatles and it was almost all we listened to. My grandmother was a professional violin player so we’d go see her perform at musicals and when she played with Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, etc. Music was second nature in my family and it felt very natural to start making it, even at an early age.
If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Kanye! I think he’s a genius.
How’s the tour going? How is it going on tour with Matt Nathanson and Phillip Phillip’s?
The tour kicks off in June and I can’t wait! I’ve known Matt for many years and I think the shows will be really fun. I’ve got a new album out soon called Eric Hutchinson is Pretty Good and I’ll be playing some of the new songs on the road. Excited for that!
How was it hearing your song in the Grey’s Anatomy episode?
It was cool! They played the whole song and it was the season premiere. I still get tweets every week from people who are watching old episodes on Netflix and just heard the song.
What is your process as a musician when you are in the studio writing music or even creating an album?
My process is very all-consuming. I don’t sleep very well when I’m in writing mode. I wake up with ideas and melodies and need to capture everything. The studio is more about executing the vision and continuing that emotion I felt when I first wrote the song. I’ve been starting to produce more records for other people and that’s been challenging and fun and gotten me to think about recording in different ways.

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