Emblem3’s back!

The boys are back! Drew Chadwick and brothers, Wesley and Keaton Stromberg form this one of a kind boy band. I began to tell the boys how the weather hasn’t been great in MA and Wesley and Drew told me to get on a plane and fly to California where all the rays of sun are at. Emblem3 has been resting up, catching some rays, and enjoying the weather before they go on their tour in Cali. Their tour with The Ready Set starts on May 12 in Minnesota and ends on June 30th in New Jersey.

Drew Chadwick and Wesley Stromberg met when they attended middle school in Sequim, Washington. Keaton Stomberg was nine and did not work with Wesley or Drew, instead he worked on his own music at home and watched them work together. Wesley eventually moved to Huntington Beach, California with his girlfriend and Drew spent his high school career moving up and down the West Coast. Eventually he found Wesley and joined him in Huntington Beach. The boys produced their first two album’s in their basement in CA, Bite Your Lip and Take It. I mean if I was able to live in California and work on music, I’d take that any day of the week. However, I do love to East Coast and I’m sure the boys will too!

In 2012, the boys came together on the X Factor when the producers offered them a spot on the show. Their performance wowed the judges, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and L.A. Reed, when they sang their original song, “Sunset Blvd.” As the show continued they sang songs by: Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, The Monkees, Bruno Mars, and more… The boys placed fourth on the show and signed with SYCO/Columbia records after the show ended in 2013. However, the boys decided to take a break and go their separate ways for a little bit. Today the boys are back together and better than ever!

How was your experience?

Wesley: It was quite the experience and it was awesome! We went out their and gave it their all and did what they had to do. We learned so much from the experience and we formed an awesome and loyal fan base that is still with us today. Overall it was amazing.

I believe that a majority of their fans today who have been with them from the start are girls. I asked Wesley and Drew if they have had any crazy stories to tell.

Wesley: We’ve everything you can imagine. I remember that one girl broke a bone at one of our shows.

Drew: I’ve seen two girls get into a fist fight once.



In 2012 the started to record their debut album, Nothing to Lose, and in 2013 they released it. Their popular singles, “Chloe You’re the One I Want” and “3,000 Miles” were featured on this album. The boys went on tour  and opened for Selena Gomez that began in August, 2013. 2014 was a very chaotic and memorable year for Emblem3. Emblem3 released their first EP, Songs from the Couch , Vol. 1, independently. However in 2014, Drew decided that he wanted to start his solo career. Wesley and Keaton produced their first EP, Forever Together, on October 27, 2014.

The boys won their first Teen Choice Award in 2013 for Breakout Group. I asked the boys what is was like receiving the surf board.

Drew: It was a very cool experience and it was one of our first award shows and receiving an award. It’s really awesome and we still have that surfboard in our house right now.

Thankfully in 2015 Drew rejoined the Wesley and Keaton! Emblem3’s new album, Waking Up , was just released and it’s a great album to start the summer with! When you hear the album, you just get this pop-rock-reggae vibe from it.  I asked Wesley and Drew about their new album. The boys made an announcement to their fans letting them know that they were going to release a new album and go on tour in 2016. Emblem3 is going to be coming on May 27th and will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston (I know I’ll be going!).

How long did the new album take to write?

Wesley: It took probably five or six months to write. With the whole break-up thing, we were all writing a lot and the day we got back together, September 1st or 2nd, Drew was writing the song, “Now,” and had been getting it ready to show us. I mean we were all writing that whole time which was probably about six months and at the end we were ready to go.


What are the songs about on the album, Waking Up?

Drew: All of the song’s really range on the album. Some songs are about partying with your girl or whatever and other songs are about, more sexy, you know, kind of a wider range. That’s probably one of the cooler things about our band (laughing).

Are you excited for the tour!?

Wesley: We’re so excited! I can’t wait to get back out and meet all the fans. Just playing live music make’s me really excited. During their tour, the boys will be making more music when they travel for us!

Keep on rockin’ guys and can’t wait to see you soon!


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