Frenship without the “D”


Duo, Brett Hite and James Sunderland, from Los Angeles form Frenship and I believe they will become the next Chainsmokers. The two met when they were working at Lulelemon (yes, boys can work their, not just girls) and have been creating amazing music for a while. They’ve had over 10 million plays on Spotify today! For anyone in the California area, they will be playing at KAABOO Del Mar in Del Mar on September 16th. I was able to talk with Hite and Sunderland about their music, their history, and their plans for the summer.

I always ask the artist’s I interview if they can give me a small biography of how/when/where they got into music/how did you guys meet.

Brett: The short version of it is that we both started by playing drums when we were little.  Sports probably took most of our focus growing up so music always was more of a side thing.  After college, James went to music production school and started getting into the professional music world and I pursued the “acoustic singer-songwriter thing.” We met later working at a yoga apparel store and both weren’t satisfied with where we were at musically. James had the itch to sing more and I wanted to get more involved with production so it ended up being a pretty natural fit to work together.

You’re song, “Capsize,” has had over 3 million play’s on Spotify and it’s on my summer playlist already! It’s a great track 🙂

 Brett: Thanks!  We’re shocked and thrilled at how much love it’s been getting.

You’ve worked with Matoma, who I’m a huge fan of! What was it like working together? 

Brett: We actually havent worked with him yet. Our song with him was a case of us writing it and him taking it and adding to it.  We wrote “Knives” with our buddy Nick Ruth and had a version that we were going to release ourselves then Matoma heard it and added some of his “tropical” sound. There were a couple of DJ’s that tried versions of it and ultimately Matoma was the one we liked the most so we went with it. 

When and how did you guys come up with the name Frenship? Any reason why you didn’t add the “D?”

James: Brett and I used to hit the town, drunkenly, during our time at the yoga apparel store. During those nights out we’d chant/yell “there are big ships and little ships but the best ship is friendship.” Eventually we just decided to make some music and we needed a name. “Friendship” seemed appropriate. We dropped a few letters from the word because that’s the cool thing to do these days!

How was it being on stage with Andrew McMahon? I love his music when he was in the band, Jack’s Mannequin back in the day. 

James: Yeah! I used to listen to them way-way back. It was a great experience and we can’t thank those talented guys enough for sharing their stage with us. They have incredible fans as well!

What do you guys plan to do this summer?

James: We’ll probably try to work out a couple of times. Other than that we’re working on new songs for ourselves and a few for other artists. We’ll be dialing in on our live show in preparation for some shows later this summer/fall too!

Keep on rockin’ Brett and James! Hope to see you soon!


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