Jessica Maros and Tyler James are from Nashville, TN and form this wonderful band, Escondido. Maros and James recorded their first debut album in 2013, The Ghost of Escondido, in a single day. I love artists who are able to self-produce their own work because they have all the control over what goes in and out of it. Their songs have been featured on TV shows such as, Girls, Sex Tape, CONAN, and Nashville.

Maros met James when he was recording at their mutual friends home studio. James heard Maros strumming the song, “Rodeo Queen,” on the couch when everyone was in the kitchen. James began recording her and later that evening he played the recording for their group of friends. They both began jamming together and making a record. They began recording demos and eventually returned to The Casino studio in Nashville, TN. They recruited their drummer, Evan Hutchings, and guitarist, Scotty Murray, to help them complete the record. For months they spent months in James bedroom studio by adding guitars, bass, trumpet, and keyboards to their songs to make the perfect sound.

At one point, Maros and James decided to take some apart, Maros moved to LA and James stayed in Nashville. Today they have been touring. James said, “There was a time where writing music was the only way we communicated.” You can listen to the song, “Walking With A Stranger,” and really hear what James meant. Months later they went camping in Death Valley and

The band decided to rent a cabin south of Nashville and made final tweaks at Wax LTD. Studios in Hollywood, CA. The band is currently on tour and will be coming to Boston on June 14th!  Lead Singer, Tyler answered these:

I always ask the people I interview what their story is and how they got into music and knew they loved it. So I will ask you the same question, what is your guys story?

My folks are musical so they sparked my interest in it.  My dad had a barbershop quartet that he’d have over for practice once a week after us kids went to bed and i loved hearing that.  My mom had a classical guitar and can sing like Karen Carpenter and she’d always have John Denver and such playing. They started me at piano & trumpet lessons pretty young… I hated it at first ’cause i wanted to play sports but it grew on me once i was able to start playing songs i liked by ear.  Soon enough i was cut from every sports team and music became my thing.  I picked up guitar and bass in high school and ended up moving to Nashville when i was 18 to pursue music and go to college.. that’s when i really started to take songwriting seriously. I graduated with a Music Business degree 4 years later and have been making records and touring around ever since then.

How was your tour been going so far? Where has your favorite place to perform so far been?

Tour has been going really well so far.  We’ve spent the last few years opening up for some great bands but this was our first time doing our own tour.  We were nervous starting out because we didn’t know if anyone was going to show up but I’m happy to report that we’ve been blown away by the turn outs.  We’re not stage diving into thousands of fans quite yet but it’s exceeded our expectations and we’re really grateful for that.  We just wrapped the 1st leg of the tour and we have a lot of favorite cities but I think San Francisco was up there… really positive crowd and the club sounded great.  We went to the ‘Full House’ hill pre-show and threw a frisbee around (just like John Stamos I presume).

Well I recently saw that the song, “Oaxaca Blues,” that you wrote with Lena Dunham is featured in her show, Girls. How was working with Lena? Are you excited! What do you think your reaction will be when you see it. 

Yeah that aired last week and was really fun to watch.  Our friend Manish is the show’s music supervisor and he hit us up about writing a song for Marnie and Desi to sing.  Lena had the title “Oaxaca Blues” and a few other lyrics and wanted a song that was kinda twangy.  We only had a day to work on it so we finished the lyrics and wrote and recorded the music real quick and hoped for the best.  We’re glad they used it and hopefully a few more folks find out about our band from it.

I love your song, “Try.” What is it about?

Thanks so much! It’s a pretty personal song for us… about heartbreak and knowing that someone doesn’t feel the same way you do anymore. There’s a certain redemption and beauty in it though.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be.
Jess would probably say the late great Elliott Smith.  I would love to work with Paul McCartney. He’s always had the best melodies, chord progressions, instrumentation.  I’m obsessed with The Beatles and everything he did after.  Despite being rich and famous, he pretty much made his solo records by himself and the production is just incredible… can you imagine Bono quitting U2 and making a record as good as Ram? no way.
Keep on rockin’ guys! Make sure to see them on June 14th at the Great Scott in Alston, MA!

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