The Colourist



The Colourist is one of my favorite indie-bands of today! I’ve been listening to The Colourist since 2009 when they formed in Orange County, California.

Band members include:

  • Adam Castilla — Guitarist and Vocals
  • Maya Tuttle — Drummer and Vocals
  • Justin Wagner — Bassist and Keyboard

Tuttle and Castilla used to play together in a band called Paper Thin Walls, along with the other band members. In 2011 and early 2012 the band would spend their days playing live shows and working on their debut EP album, Lido (which included their popular single, “Little Games”).  In 2014 their debut album, The Colourist, was released by Republic Records. From that point on the band has taken the nation by storm! They have performed all over the world, at numerous music festivals, been featured on television shows and movies, etc… I was able to talk to Tuttle, about their songs and what they will be doing!

How did all of you meet each other?

Adam and I knew each other from a previous band in Costa Mesa, California. Neither of us sang in that group. When that band didn’t work out, Adam reached out to Justin, whom he’d been friends with for a while. The Colourist was born.


My favorite song by the band is your most popular song is, “Little Games.” What is “Little Games” about?

“Little Games” is about being strung around by someone you thought you loved. If you consider the whole album to be the ups and downs of a relationship, “Little Games” is the moment where you snap and realize you’ve been played the whole time… and you’re sick of it.


Will you be going on tour again any time soon?

Absolutely. Can’t give too much detail about that right now, but I can tell you some fun things are in the works.

Are you writing any new music or an album? If you are when will it be coming out?

We’re currently writing and recording a lot of new stuff. We don’t have a release date yet, but stay tuned.

What do you guys write most of your music about? 

That’s really hard to say. We write about lots of random things. We’re a very equal opportunity band in that way: everyone brings ideas to the table. All kinds of ideas. Our last EP, though, Will You Wait For Me, was themed around our shared experience of being away from home for the first time (for a long period of time), and all the life changes that can come along with that.

If you could collaborate with another band/artist who would it be and why?

Each of us might have a different answer to this, but right here, in this moment, I am going to stay Lenny Kravitz. Are You Gonna Go My Way, baby!

Keep on rockin


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