Meg Mac

This summer if you go to musical festivals, you will most likely see 25 year-old singer from Sydney, Australia, Meg Mac, perform on stage. Mac signed with 300 Entertainment in New York and released her debut album, Meg Mac in 2015. From that moment on The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and more were hooked to her sound. Mac sold out her headline tour. Mac is truly genuine to her fan base by responding to her fan’s comments and hand-writing thank you letters.

Mac has received mentions such as:

  • 2014: Triple J named her “Unearthed Artist of 2014”
  • 2015: Marie Claire Australia chose her as an “Artist To Watch”
  • 2015: Nominated for Rolling Stone Australia’s “Best New Talent” Award

Mac’s music has an addicting jazzy, indie, and blue’s sound that will make you want to listen to more. Mac will be performing at numerous music festivals this summer and working on her album in Fort Worth. I was able to talk to Mac about her music and what she’s doing to prepare for this summer.

I love your music first off! Now, I always ask the artist’s I interview to tell me a little biography about them and what really drove them to create music.

Thank you! Well I always liked singing but it was songwriting that got me into it for good. When I started making up my own ideas, it got me more excited than anything else I’d ever done. Once I discovered that you could sing something that had never been sung, my mind got overwhelmed and so excited at the same time. I didn’t realize what I was doing then, I would just sit at the piano and sing for hours. Now I know it was the start of songwriting for me and has led me to here and to this interview right now!

My favorite song that you sing is, “Roll Up Your Sleeves.” What is the song really about though?

Don’t worry, I am asked this a lot! This song is kind of directed to myself. I think sometimes it is easier to ignore something that is going to be hard to face and confront. We know it’s the right thing to do, but it’s so much easier to fake it and pretend you don’t care. But I think when you rise up, everything works out better that you think it might.

It looks like your working on a new album from your Instagram photos? How has that been going? What do you think a lot of the songs are about?

Yes, I have been in Fort Worth making my album. It’s my first time making an album – it is fun, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Most of the songs are from my life and what it is like to be inside my head full of weird ideas about the people around me and the world.

How was it hearing your song on the episode of the hit T.V show, Girls? I’m sure it was awesome!

I have loved Girls ever since it came out! So it was really weird to hear myself singing and my song on the show. It came on right at the end when Hannah is walking down a street a bit emotional – when you like a TV show you feel like you know the characters, so I felt pretty special.

You’re performing at the music festival, Field Trip! Are you excited?! What are you doing to prepare for it? Of all the artists playing who would you like to meet the most?

Yes, it is my first performance in Canada! I am so excited about it. I’m in New York right now, I just got home from rehearsing with my band. I am going to be doing a couple of festivals here before I head to Field Trip, so we are going to be extra warmed up for it. SANTIGOLD!

Keep on rockin’ Meg! Xo and hope to see you soon!


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