Raquel Cole

This beautiful artist, Raquel Cole, comes from the British Columbia and has been catching everyone who is a fan of country music attention. Cole grew up in a very musical house since her father would always be playing the drums. When Cole’s father bought her a guitar, she became instantly hooked to playing it and didn’t want to put it down. Cole has already received numerous nominations:

  • Reigning CCMA Discovery Artist
  • Named by the the CBC as 25 Under 25 Canadian Musicians you need to know.
  • Her music has been featured on Sirus XM’s, The Highway
  • Animal Planet’s hit TV series “Finding Bigfoot”
  • Her songs have been recorded by Marie Osmond and The Railers.
  • USA Today exclusive “Playlist” pick (“Gone)
  • CCMA “On The Horizon” Artist of the Month
  • and more

This summer she is on tour with the handsome, Josh Turner. Turner will be coming to New England this summer:

  • Hampton Beach, NH on June 24
  • Maine State Pier, ME on June 25
  • Indian Ranch, MA on June 26

I was able to talk with Cole about the future, her song, “It’s For Real This Time,” and more!

First of all, I just want to say I love your music! It’s great! So I always ask the musicians I interview about their back story, when they first got into music, etc…. What is yours?

Aww thank you!! Well, I was always singing growing up. Nobody taught me or showed me, I just started singing along to the radio. When I turned nine my dad bought me my first guitar. I think he was secretly hoping I could learn old rock n’ roll songs and jam to them with him. He’s a drummer. It turned out to be the best thing because I wrote my first song on guitar and it all sort of grew from there.

Do you only play the guitar or do you play other instruments?

I play a lot of acoustic guitar but when I get to play with a band it gives me a chance to pull out the electric guitar. And a couple years ago I picked up the mandolin to enhance my solo shows and ended up falling in love with it.

How’s being on tour with the handsome, Josh Turner? How is the tour going for you and is this your first one?

Yeah that smile eh?! I opened quite a few dates for him last year and will be joining him again this summer. Touring with Josh has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. His fans are amazing!  It’s allowed me to see so many places I’d never been to before.

My all time favorite song by you (and a new song that’s is on repeat for me) is, “It’s for Real This Time!” What is it about? The only reason I ask is because I want to known the real meaning rather than me assuming haha.

The real reason! I’d love to know what it meant to you.  As for me, I was in a long term relationship and we had broken up and gotten back together too many times. This was sort of my way of saying that we’re breaking up and it’s for real this time.

Always a fun question I ask is, if you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Always such a tough question! Right now, I would love to do something with Brett Eldredge because I really dig his voice & his vibe.

Will we be seeing any new music?

Yes! All I can say at this point is soon and to look out for it this summer. 🙂

Keep on rockin’! I cannot wait to see you this summer with Josh!


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