New college musician from Endicott


20 year-old, Burlington, Vermont native, Connor Stankevich, is not only a student, but a musician that every college student needs to start listening too. Stankevich is currently a Junior at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts and is studying Journalism and Communications. I met Stankevich when we sat next to each other in our Introduction to Journalism class. Stankevich’s music has such an awesome, chill, and it has such a great beat.


Even though he is a student, he unwind’s by making music. It was cool how he discover’s sampled jazz music beats and uses them to try and show the wave of jazz-hop that people haven’t heard of. I was able to talk with Stankevich while he is home for summer break. We were able to discuss how he started his music career, his plans for the summer, and more!

I love your music first off! Now, I always ask the artist’s I interview to tell me a little biography about them and what really drove them to create music, etc….

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but I moved to Vermont legit like two days after haha… I spent the rest of my time until college living in Vermont, around the Burlington area (dope place). I have always loved music and I guess I just wanted to make my own and make an attempt and see where I could go with it. I get bored way too often, so this was something to beat the boredom I guess haha.. I saw the lane and went with it.

Connor, you’re a new musician and I know it can be difficult for new musicians when going into the music industry. What have you been doing to try and enter the music industry?

The industry is a bitch and I haven’t even stepped foot in it yet. I’m trying to make music as much as I can so I can put out dope songs for people to listen too. I wanna make a mix tape but I always get too hyped when I make a good song that I just release it. I don’t have a ton of viewers yet, but some songs on my SoundCloud have gotten about 2,000 views. Not a ton compared to others but it’s still dope. I guess right now I gotta make the right connections or something. Connections make everything.

What is your process when writing music?

My process for writing music… Damn.. I heard of this dude who envisioned the music video when he heard the beat and wrote lyrics off what he thought the video vibed with. I thought that was so dope and I’ve been trying to do that recently. I guess I also just write what I feel at the moment and what the beat is vibeing as well… I tend to stick more to jazzy type beats so everything is a bit more mellow than other stuff you might hear. I kinda like that, but I also kinda don’t. I’ll never fully like anything I make I don’t think.

How is balancing school and music? Is it hard, easy?

I have never liked school to be honest. I actually thought I wasn’t going to go to college. I wanted to do other shit but my parents wouldn’t allow it and I got into the college I wanted so it wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me. I try to write everyday and honestly school hasn’t been a big problem. If anything I’m doing more with my music shit or that stuff instead of school work.

What are some of your plans this summer?

This summer, I wanna make mad music and hopefully I make a mix tape. I really really want to. I had plans with my homie in NYC to do some shit so maybe I will do that. I really hope so because that’d be lit. I also wanna make a video or two. I took a video class in school, nothing major at all, but it made me wanna do more video shit. Hopefully I can figure that out and if so it’ll be dope! I wanna make connections with other local or upcoming artists as well to develop a bond and almost team to make something I’ve been envisioning come to life. Hopefully it all works out!

 Keep on rockin’ Connor! Have an awesome summer and see you back at the nest!
Can’t wait for your new mixtape coming out in the next few months called, “Welcome to the Jazz Club!”


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