The new indie duo, Jon and Aaron form, Tamper. Lead singer, John is from Northern Ireland and Aaron is from Australia and the two met at a coffee shop in New York. Before the boys met, John was writing folk and Americana music while Aaron was playing in a rock band. The combination of John’s Irish background and Aaron’s Australian background coming together makes their sound different and amazing. tamper just released their newest track, “A New Fire,” that every should start listening too. The Americana/folk music that John has mixes well with Aaron’s electronic sound. It’s extremely interesting and different. I was able to talk to John about their sound, the album itself, and more!

I always ask the artist’s I interview to tell me a little biography about them and what really drove them to create music.

I’m the singer in Tamper. I’m from Northern Ireland and I have been living in Brooklyn for just over five years.  Aaron is Australian, and we met in a coffee shop (typical New York story that sounds made up). I think I can speak for me and Aaron when I say that we both write music to move people. For years I was doing my own thing writing folk and Americana stuff and Aaron was in a rock band for years down under. We come from very different backgrounds, both musically and culturally. But the Irish and Aussies always get along great. We totally clicked when we wrote our first song.

Aaron takes care of the music and it’s my job to write the melodies and lyrics. I try do my best to keep the melodies interesting and the lyrics heartfelt. I just want us to make music that people will believe when they hear it. There has to be honesty about the music or I don’t think either of us will be into it. If we can keep doing that then we will be happy. 

Why do you chose to name yourselves, Tamper? It’s very interesting word choice.

We wanted one word for the band and when we brainstormed one day we landed on Tamper. The whole idea of interfering or altering something was perfect because this is how the songwriting process began for us. Some days I would be writing songs on the acoustic guitar and Aaron would come along and flip them on their head and re-shape them into a full blown electronic tune. So it just made sense.

I have been listening to the covers that you and Aaron do. What do you think you would do for your next cover and why?

We have been thinking a lot about this recently. We haven’t attempted a big pop tune yet… maybe that’s next. It has to have a solid melody for me to be interested, but we are more than happy to take suggestions! 

What will you guys be doing this summer?

The album. We have a ton of new ideas. I’ve always been more of an acoustic guitar player, so I am embracing the electric guitar. I’m also trying to push myself to write in styles that are less comfortable for me and Aaron is doing the same thing. We have some really fun gear in the studio that he have been playing with. We are both very excited with where the sounds are going right now, I think its a big step up from our already released material. We want to make a record that can really translate live as a two piece. We have been writing and rehearsing with that in mind. 

Your album cover is very cool! Where did you guys get the idea to take this picture?

We went for a walk one day and Aaron brought his camera. This store is just around the corner from my apartment in Bed-stuy. The cover needed a real look of Brooklyn. Just something about this spot really struck us. Aaron took a couple of shots and that was that. “Bought And Sold” (the track) was already written, and we wanted to call the EP the same name, so I think this picture really worked. 

Rock on guys! To learn more about them you can watch this video:



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