Felix Jaehn: The new DJ in town

felix 188.jpg

Most of you probably know Felix because you’ve heard his remix of OMI’s song, “Cheerleader” or have heard his song, “Ain’t Nobody,” that features Jasmine Thompson. This 21-year-old producer, remixer, and DJ is really making his way up the charts.

Jaehn was born in Hamburg, Germany. When Jahen turned six-years-old he began to study the violin and when he was sixteen-years-old he began to focus his attention on DJ’ing. In 2011, he attended Point Blank Music College in London, England and once he graduated he released his singles, “Dance With Me” and “Shine.” Then in 2015 his song, “Cheerleader” was released and heard by millions.  “Cheerleader” was number three on Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and was top of the charts in England.

His album will be released in 2016! I was able to talk with Jaehn about his music and what it’s really been like as a DJ.

I love your music first off! Now, I always ask the artist’s I interview to tell me a little biography about them and what really drove them to create music, etc….

Thank you! When I was about six years old, I started playing the violin. Somehow, I fell in love with the sound of strings and wanted to learn how to play it myself. I guess that’s because I’ve always been extremely passionate about music. When I was a teenager after a few years of playing violin, I got into DJ’ing. Eventually, I was tired of playing other people’s songs, so I decided to start writing and producing my own music.

Why did you choose to become a DJ? Do you think DJ’s are seen differently than bands/artists since they aren’t playing an instrument?

Becoming a DJ wasn’t really a decision for me – it just happened. Growing up, I always wanted to be in charge of the music at birthday parties, get-together’s, and kickbacks, so it was a natural progression for me. Of course, DJ’s are seen differently and their way of performing is obviously completely different. In the future, I want to combine my DJ sets with live instruments, and turn my DJ show into a concert.

You’ve worked with some of the top DJ’s in the music industry. Who have you enjoyed working with the most/closest with?

I really cannot distinguish between all of the fantastic artists that I’ve been lucky enough to work with. Every collaboration is special, and all of them were inspiring and a lot of fun.

When you perform your sets at music festivals, how long does it take to prepare for them? How do you choose a setlist and do you base the setlist on the city you perform in?

It’s a constant process. Every week, I download the latest music, edit the new tracks, and analyze key and tempo. On my USB’s, I have huge folders and playlists with all of those songs. At the end, when I’m at the show, I can decide live on stage which tracks I want to play.

What are your plans this summer?

I’m mostly going to be touring and releasing new music. There are so many places that I have not been able to play yet, so I’m really excited to tour the world. I’m also working on my first studio album, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, I’ll most likely be releasing some more singles.

Keep on rockin’ Felix! Hope to see you in Boston soon! 


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