Tom Swoon

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23-year-old DJ, Producer, and Remixer from Poland, Tom Swoon, does it all. Swoon is probably one of the most career-driven musicians I’ve talked too. Today, Swoon has been working with all of the top DJ’s in the world within the last three years. Swoon has also been performing in numerous countries for his fan’s. I’m a huge fan of his music and this summer my friends and I have already been blasting it. My favorite song by Swoon is, “Ghost” and “Ahead of Us” that everyone should listen too. By starting out on the guitar he is now one of the biggest DJ’s who’s starting to make his mark. He recently performed at the Summerfestival and the crowd’s roared for him! I also have a lot of respect for Swoon because it really does look like he loves all of his fans and he is appreciative of them.

First off, I love your music! I always ask the people I interview this question, how did you begin your music career started? Who inspired you? Etc….

Thank you so much – really appreciate all the kind words! About the beginning – I think it all started when I saw my dad’s old guitar all covered in dust and was laying around at my grandma’s place and I decided to take home. Long story short, three years later I’ve ended up playing with my friends in the band, then fell in love with electronic music, which eventually led me into DJ’ing and music production!

How has it been performing all over the world?

Last couple of weeks I was touring in Asia, which is always a great experience – the people there have so much positive energy, that I’m always coming back home with lots of new inspiration! 

What song do you enjoy playing the most at concerts/festivals?

All my singles, remixes and edits – there’s nothing more rewarding, than seeing the amazing crowd reaction to something which is your creation. It often gets emotional, with a tear (or two) of joy – I simply can’t hold ’em back! :’)


It seem’s like you know a lot of the top DJ’s in the world today! Who have you enjoyed the most working with? Who are you the closest with?

It’s true – playing at lots of major festivals for the past few years has led me to meet many of the top DJ’s, and even though I was super starstruck in the beginning, I realized they are human beings just like me and I’m friends with most of them now! It’s hard to pick one which is the closest to me, as I’m trying to treat all of them equally, but if I had to choose one DJ that I have the most respect to, that would be Laidback Luke.

This summer what will you be doing?

Definitely playing lots of great shows and working on more music! There’s already plenty of stuff coming up in the following weeks – my remix for Djerem on Flamingo, highly anticipated „Phoenix” on Ultra, another single on Armada „Never Giving Up” and my edit for Hiisak on Blasterjaxx’s imprint Maxximize, so look out for these ones!

Keep on rockin’ Tom! Everyone please go and vote for him:


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