For Dunwells fans I have an article for you: Dave Hanson


Dave Hanson had one of the hardest choices.

A. To leave his band to start focusing on his own music

B. To keep playing with his band, The Dunwells.

After The Dunwells toured with Mumford and Sons, Sheryl Crow, Amos Lee, and more, in America for five years, Hanson finally decided to focus on his own music. Hanson wrote his own album and worked with producer, Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, David Bowie). Hanson’s album, Almost Horizontal, was released on June 3rd, 2016. After I listened to the album on my way home from work, I thought it had a very warm and cozy feeling/vibe. He truly is a talented to musician and I’m sure all of the fans miss him playing with the band but support him too.

This summer you can see  Hanson perform at the Cornbury Festival in the U.K and other locations!

The first question I always ask the artists I interview is to tell me a small biography of them and how they got to were the are today.

I started a band called The Dunwells back in 2009 with a couple of friends from my hometown in Leeds, England. We became quite successful in the US – did a lot of big tours supporting Mumford and Sons, Sheryl Crow, Amos Lee etc. Played Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, ACL, and performed on The Tonight Show. We had a couple of Billboard top 40 hits on the radio. I left the band two years ago to concentrate on my solo career and recorded a new album “Almost Horizontal” that came out on June 3, 2016.

When will you be returning to the U.S! I’d love to see you play?

I would love to return to the U.S as soon as possible. I was influenced by a lot of places in the States that I visited on tour. I wrote the song “island sky” about Mackinac Island in Lake Michigan. I’m putting plans together at the moment for a U.S tour but still working out where to visit. So if you guys want to see me play locally then please shout about it on Social media!

Do each of you have a role in the band? Like someone who writes all of the music, someone who comes up with the melodies, etc..

I wrote and produced all the music. I had a great set of studio musicians that I worked with. Especially the Drummer Dan Woodward, Bass player Ben Walker and keyboardist Joe Tatton (who plays with the New Mastersounds). I also worked with a fantastic backing vocalist called Becka Ward.

Do you prefer working together as a group when composing or doing it yourself first and then coming together and combining all of the melodies/things you came up with?

I like to compose on my own, and then take the songs to the studio to work out how to play them. A lot of the songs on the record were written/produced in that way. I recorded at Dan Woodward’s studio called the Groove Lab in Leeds, UK. We were able to be really creative and spend time getting the tracks cooking. Dan is a phenomenal drummer, percussionist and keyboard player so between us we produced most of the backing tracks on our own – just getting session players in to add “flavours.”

Do you think social media plays a role when connecting with your fans?

Definitely. I think it’s one of the most valuable tools available to musicians. I’m very proactive on social media and love hearing from fans.


Keep on rockin’ Dave! Hope to see you in Boston soon!


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