For my readers who have followed my articles from day one, I’m sure you remember my article on Black Coast. Black Coast wrote the song, “Gold Chain,” were he featured indie-musician, Remmi. I love listening to artist’s who feature other artists in their music and you immediately fall in love with them. That’s what I did with Remmi.

Remmi is from Louisiana where she became interested in music and the age of twelve. Remmi first learned how to play the guitar and began writing her own songs. Today, Remmi is currently in Nashville, TN, writing songs and producing more of her amazing music for her fans. In 2015, Remmi released her first EP, New America. You can hear the influences of Lana Del Ray, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding in her music. Remmi is truly an amazing song writer because all the lyrics in her songs are so strong and passionate.

Remmi is a part-time waitress during the week in order to make money to produce music. After work or even before Remmi will make sure that she writes and plays music. I able to talk with Remmi about working with Black Coast, New America, and her passion for song writing.

How did you like working with Black Coast? He seems likeĀ  a great guy to work with and I love his music.

Stan is a great collaborative partner. He has a very clear vision for his music while also really wanting to incorporate the style and skills of whoever he is working with. I think that’s obvious listening to any of his collaborations.

Your EP, New America, is amazing. How long did it take to you write the entire EP? Along with, what is your process as a musician when producing an album?

New America truly was a cobbled together project. It was written and produced over the course of eighteen months or so… “Sirens” and “Star Spangled,” I wrote to the first tracks I ever made. My friend and co-writer, Super Duper, helped me come back to several of the early songs (including those two) and polish them up before releasing them on the EP. “Nuumb” and “Awake, Asleep” were written with and produced by Dustin Burnett who also lives in Nashville. “Bobby K” was a collaboration with the talented, Lucian, from New York.

This EP is basically a summary of me trying to find my sound. I wrote lots of different sounding songs and in the end it rounded up the handful that were really consistent in their feel and content. My next project, which I’m already working on, is different. I set out to write for it specifically. The songs are all intentionally cohesive. It’s truly an album. Like a story being told all the way through.

What are some of the songs about on the album?

“Bobby K,” is about Robert F. Kennedy who, like his older brother, John F. Kennedy (JFK), was also assassinated. I was having crazy writer’s block and decided to write a very specific song about a historical figure to just get my brain going again. I also think it’s cool revisit these monumental historical figures who barely anyone our age even knows about.

“Awake, Asleep,” is about figuring out how to be happy. Discontent is what motivates us to push forward toward our goals, but it can also leave us feeling miserable. It’s a lifelong journey to understanding ourselves.

Who are some of your musical influences when writing music?

For writing this EP, I was listening to a lot of Rihanna’s, Unapologetic. Lana Del Rey’s imaginative lyrics have always inspired me to paint vivid pictures with my words. I think I was definitely inspired by the minimalism of Joel Little’s work on Pure Heroine as well.

When did you start getting into playing and writing music?

Writing has meant many different things to me over the years. It is a career for me at this point in my life, and I like it that way. It’s not just a hobby or an outlet or something. It’s something I work at every day. I am challenging myself to be exceptional at what I do… to write songs that inspire and move people, that make them love being alive.

Keep on rockin’ Remmi! Hope to see you in Boston soon! Xo


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