Judah and the Lion


I’m not really into folk music but I do love listening to Judah and the Lion on my road trips. The independent folk-pop band, Judah and the Lion hail from Nashville, TN.

  • Judah Akers — Guitar and Lead Vocals
  • Brian Macdonald — Mandolin and Vocals
  • Spencer Cross — Drums
  • Nate Zuercher — Banjo and Vocals

Akers is from Tennessee and listened to Ray Charles, Zuercher is from Colorado and listened to rock’n’roll, and Macdonald is from Chicago and listened to artists such as Frank Sinatra to Billy Joel. The three met through mutual friends in 2011 and have been playing ever since. As you can see, the three of them all have different musical backgrounds, which we can hear in their music. Cross joined the group a few years ago!

Originally the three of them were writing and producing music that would qualify as Christian music. They released their debut EP, First Fruits, but a year later they decided to return their folk-hip-hop background. In 2013 the band released their second EP, Sweet Tennessee and then released, Kids These Days, was the bands debut record was released in September 2014. The album was number four on the Billboard Folk Chart when it came out! Judah and the Lion recently released a new album called, Folk Hop N’ Roll. My favorite song on the album so far is, “Graffiti Dreams!”

Judah and the Lion are still on tour and will be performing at the Audiotree and Moontower Music Festival this summer! Don’t miss it!

What’s your favorite memory from the tour so far? I’m sure it was the concert in Boston obviously!

Obviously!!! Haha… There are lots of great memories, it’s hard to pick. We do love Boston. One of my favorites was our drive through Oregon. It was so beautiful and the first time we’d seen the state.

While being on tour, are you working on any new music?

Of course, we are always writing and creating when we can get the chance. We love jamming during soundcheck and making our your manager mad. We also set aside time at home to write.

What are the living conditions like when traveling from venue to venue?

As far as venues it can really run the gamut. Sometimes it’s a dump, sometimes it feels luxury. We generally stay at the holiday inn or in a host home of a friend or family. So depending on how much sleep we can get, that’s always pretty comfortable!!

Your music video, “Reputation” came out in March. What was it like making it?

We had a lot of fun. Basically got a bunch of friends together and had a dance off. Our friend, my roommate, Matt makes a lot of our music videos, and he comes up with some wild fun ideas 🙂

Keep on rockin’ you guys! Hope to see you in Boston ASAP!


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