Julia Sheer


The beautiful, Julia Sheer is probably one of the most talented singers you will find on YouTube. Sheer is from Golden, Colorado, which is twenty minutes from Denver. Sheer grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles (who I have seen live a few years ago) being played in her house by her parents. Sheer played local shows in the Denver area where she gained a lot of local fans. As she grew up her career began when she was sixteen years-old and created her YouTube account and posted covers on songs. Her video’s would feature other YouTube stars such as: Tyler Ward, Alex Goot, and Matty B.

After Sheer graduated high school she went on her first tour with a few band members, who were all guys, and would travel to every venue in a van. Sheer claims it was quite the experience in her career. Sheer wrote her first EP, Julia Sheer, and in 2012, Sheer released another EP, On My Way Back.

Sheer is currently living in Nashville and is getting ready to release new music. The music she releases won’t just be covers of songs, it will be music that has related to her own life. I’m so excited to hear it! I was able to talk to Sheer about her career, her relationship with Tyler Ward, and more!

Why don’t you start off by telling me a little bit about yourself and how your career started.

It started about six years ago, right after I graduated from high school. I kind of knew that I always wanted to do music, but didn’t think it was a really realistic job. I started uploading YouTube videos kind of just for fun and it just kind of piled into what it is now kind of by accident.

You do a lot of covers with Tyler Ward who I just interviewed a few weeks ago! How did you meet him? How long have you guys been doing them together?

We met, it’s actually kind of funny, his dad was the Vice Principal at my high school. Kind of growing up, his band would come play at our assemblies and school parties. I knew who he was and when I decided to take music seriously he was kind of the only person in town that I knew who did music or had any recording equipment or anything. I called him up and that’s kind of how we met!

Well we don’t really do covers anymore, he lives, well I’m actually not even sure where he lives right now, I think he’s actually all over the place. I live in Nashville at the moment. We did covers together for a few years but we haven’t really done anything in a while.

How do you like living Nashville? Do you have a job or do you mainly focus on your music?

I love it! It’s the craziest place ever and everyone does music and there’s music on every street corner and every bar and every restaurant. It’s the coolest place 🙂 I just do music, I write during the day and I have been working on my record.

How has the process of making your record been?

It’s been a very long process…. I started when I first moved here which was about three years ago. I had a few setbacks, change of producers, change of songs, so it’s been a very long process. It’s done now! It should be coming out pretty soon but I don’t know exactly when. Again, it’s been a very long process.

Congrats! What are a lot of the songs about on the record and what genre would the album fall into?

I think their all about relationships because that’s the kind of song I like to sing because I can relate to every single one of them. I think most people relate to those type of songs the best. Their mostly sad and heart-break songs. I really like sad songs haha. I would say it’s contemporary-country. I’ve always wanted my original music to be country and I’ve set my heart on it from the beginning. There’s some pop stuff and there are definetly some pop influences on it.

Do you think you’ll be going on tour once the record is released?

I’m hoping! I don’t know if it will be a full-blown tour but I definitely want to be out on the road as soon as I possibly can. I love to do it and I haven’t had a lot of new music to tour with. I want to get out there!

How long does it usually take you to write songs? What’s your process when writing songs?

It kind of just depends on the song. Some songs, I will go write part of it and sit on it for a few months and finish it. Some songs take me an hour, it kind of depends on what song it is and who you’re writing with. Each song has a life of its own kind of. I usually like to start with an idea or a title or a melody and kind of go from there. I don’t really have a specific way of doing it. I kind of usually let whoever else I’m writing with kind of decide were to go or what their process is because I’m not super locked into to one way of doing it.

I saw that you worked with the Blackbird Academy? What is it and how was your experience working/going there?

The Blackbird Academy is a really famous studio down here and Martina McBride’s (well-known country musician) husband owns. It’s a recording studio and a school. They pick, I don’t know how many kids or how long session is for but they pick very talented people from all over the world. They probably were in high school to 40 year-old’s there. It’s a very select few of them, but they come and study underneath some of the top producers and sound engineers. I went there and worked with the students and worked on an original song and had them produce it. They were kind of learning how to produce music basically while I was producing the song. It was an interesting process because I never worked with that many people on one song. There were probably twenty of them and it was just a different way of recording. I record so many songs before but it was just a very different way of stopping and letting people learn and having their input. It was just a big collective group of people working on one song. It was just cool!

My favorite cover that you did was, “Mine Would Be You” by Blake Shelton. What cover do you think you’re most proud of performing?

That’s a good question. I don’t know! I really like, just in general, “Payphone” by Maroon 5.

Keep on rockin’ Hope to see you in Boston!


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