Oh, Jeremiah

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One of the cutest married couples I know, Jeremiah Stricklin and Erin Raber, form the duo, Oh, Jeremiah. The couple are from Mississippi and met in 2012. Jeremiah and Erin have been traveling in their Ford Focus around the country and performing in front of their fans. Oh, Jeremiah, very much sounds like, Paul Simon, The Civil Wars, and Beta Radio (who I have interviewed). They released their first EP in 2014, Our Very Own Kingdom, and recently released their single, “Happy Now.” I’ve listened to this song a few times and it’s adorable 🙂


The couple is currently on their tour called, “The Other End of Passing Time,” and will be on tour until August, 27th. Even though they’ve been on tour, they did release a cover of Paul Simon’s song, “Me and Julio Down by the River.” Their debut album, The Other End of Passing Time will be released on August 19th! I hope you all listen and buy it for me! I was able to talk with Jeremiah about their music, how he met the love of his life (probably), Erin, and more!

My first questions is I guess to provide me a little biography of the band and how you came together, etc….

I’ve been writing songs since I can remember. I’ve played in bands since I was in the 8th grade. I was coming off of a big band break up and for the first time I decided to go solo. I decided on Oh, Jeremiah so it wasn’t EXACTLY my name. Then a friend recommend Erin to play violin with me. She turned me down at first but I was incredibly smitten. I won her over and we started dating and playing together. Then I got the West Nile Virus and nothing brings two people closer together than that. Four years later we’ve played all over the country in my little Ford Focus. We got married in January and it’s been really incredible.

Do you think that each of you have a role in the band other than who play’s what instrument?

I’m definitely the big picture/dreamer. I lay up at night thinking of how we could be doing things better and where to tour. I also write all the songs.  Erin is my anchor. She is so logistical and level headed. She keeps me from blowing all of our money on weird ideas that seem so great at first. She also doubles as tour manager.

What will you be doing this summer?

We’re moving to Athens, Georgia in July to start our next chapter. We’ve always loved that city and want to be in a place that’s better suited for touring musicians. In August we’re hitting the west coast and Northwest on our album release tour. We love touring and that one in particular is going to be a doozy.

When you aren’t playing music what are you doing?

We like to run a lot. I’m actually typing this while I suit up for our run in Charleston, SC. We’re also big movie buffs and readers. I’ve been on a big Kurt Vonnegut kick lately so I’m usually doing that. Erin is really crafty, too. I’ll walk in the kitchen and she’s making an entire Lord of the Rings montage out of bottle caps and Popsicle sticks (not really…but I wouldn’t be surprised).

What are some strategies you have been doing to increase your fan base?

We play a lot. We are on the road more than we’re home, it feels like. We also work on making really funny/quirky videos and photos. We’ll never be the Civil Wars, dark and mysterious, we’d rather be Wes Anderson: weird and not for everybody. We’ve made a few videos that are really bizarre and we like doing that. The people that like us often REALLY like us and the ones that don’t just walk away saying “I just don’t get them..” It’s also really important to us to be really transparent and connected to people that want to know us better. I answer all the social media stuff and make sure people feel welcome in our weird little world.

Keep on rockin’ guys! Hope to see you soon in Boston! 


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