The Paper Kites


I’m sure we’ve all flown kites on windy days in the summer when we were little kids. Now when you fly kites, I advise that you listen to The Paper Kites while flying them. Indie-folk band, The Paper Kites are from Australia and it was originally formed by Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy, who have known each other since high school. In 2010, the other band members joined:

  • David Powys: Guitar/banjo
  • Sam Rasmussen: Bass/synth
  • Josh Bentley: Drums
  • Christina Lacy: Singer

In 2011, The Paper Kites released their first EP, Woodland, which includes one of their most popular tracks/songs, “Bloom.”  

The Paper Kites released their second EP, Young North, in 2012. In 2012, they went on their first headlining tour across Australia.

In 2013, The Paper Kites debut LP, States, was released. The band became the opening act for the Canadian band (also one of my favorite groups), City & Colour. Last year, they worked on their record, twelvefour. Today the band is on tour and will be coming to the New England area! Make sure to get tickets!

I was able to talk with Josh Bentley about The Paper Kites, the band’s process when composing their songs,, and more!

I always ask my artist’s and bands that I interview to tell me their story and how they got into music. Would you mind telling yours?

We have been together for over six years now. What started out as a acoustic duo (Sam and Christina) that played in cafes, now has become a fully fledged band. Myself, Dave, and Sam joined the duo for a series performances at a festival in Northern Australia. Those performance went really well and decided to stick together and form a band. 
Me personally, I’ve always grown up around music. My dad taught me guitar from a very young age and I pursued that throughout my younger years before deciding to give drumming a go in high school. In high school I would have lessons each week and craft my skill on the kit. I enjoyed drums more than guitar because you could let out a bit of anger on the skins, and girls dig drummers more they do guitarists 😉
If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?
I know individually the five of us would all say different artists but as a band I think we would love to work with Bon Iver. I think our genres and sounds would align very nicely and we’d create some amazing music. Even to record with him and to meet him would be sweet.
I love your song, “Bloom!” What is it about?
Thanks! It tends to be a favourite amongst people who listen. It’s a good old fashion love song. There’s no hidden meaning the lyrics and song speak for themselves. 
Are you excited about the tour! What’s are you most excited for?
Yeah I’m actually in the tour van currently writing this interview and we’re all pumped to be back in North America playing shows and festivals. The most exciting thing for us touring this time is that we get to play in a few city’s where we haven’t yet been which is cool. We also get to visit places that we’re very familiar with too which is great. 
What is your process when writing songs and albums as a group? 
Our lead singer Sam does most of our song writing. He will get away and write a collection of songs and then bring them to the band where we will workshop them together. When writing new music for an album we will have a collection of 20 or more songs which we have to sift through and decide whether or not it will make it on to a 10-12 track album. It becomes like a voting poll and the five of us will sit down and diplomatically decide what songs should go on the album and which songs that won’t. It’s a long process haha
Keep on rockin’ guys! See you in November!

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