Step Rockets

These aren’t just any rocket’s, their Step Rockets!

The members of this West Coast band, Step Rockets are: Anthony Schulz, Brady Lillie, Johnny Syn, and Joshua Schmidt (aka Josh Von Mink). Joshua and Anthony come from a small town in Minneapolis and met each other in high school, and they eventually met Anthony and John.  Schmidt said, “We grew up playing blues-rock and worked in many different bands trying to get paid and make something happen. It wasn’t until we really focused on our own music full-time that things started to take off.”


When Step Rockets released their track, “Kisser,” it went viral and everyone started jamming to it. “Kisser” is their second track also featured on their EP, Future Nature. Step Rockets didn’t even know it went viral since they were on a camping in B.W.C.A in Northern Minnesota. Schmidt said, “We came out of the woods with no clue of what ride we had just signed up for.”

I asked Scmidt a few more questions and here are his responses:
It took two years for Step Rockets to complete your EP, Future Nature.  What was the band’s process when composing and completing, Future Nature?
Since “Kisser” was such a success we really worked hard at becoming better songwriters and tapping into that form of inspiration. We wrote over 40 demos in the last two years and still have a ton of great material in the vaults. Many days were spent in a dark studio, eating out, and smoking way too much. 
What genre of music do you consider the Step Rocket’s music to be? Who are some of the Step Rocket’s major influences?
We are an Alternative Rock. Our major influences are very diverse. Blues rock is at the heart of everything we do but we are very inspired by technology and worldly sounds. Our paradigm is psychedelic like Finnegan’s Wake in that all genres and influences are being considered at once. Sometimes it’s hard to chose with so much great music at our fingertips. 
How has Step Rockets music evolved since you first began playing music together?
We started out very classic rock. There are so many garage bands playing that type of music so we wanted to set ourselves apart by bringing in touches of the EDM world into a guitar heavy genre. 
Where would you like to see the Step Rockets to be in five to ten years?
On a hobby farm on Lake Como next to George Clooney…. We are going to shoot for the stars! I think at the end of the day, we all want to continue to make art for a living and touch other people’s lives in the process. 
What has Step Rocket’s biggest challenge so far? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Being in a band is like polygamy. Maintaining each relationship individually and as a group can be a challenge when dealing with creative and emotional people. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining your goals and desires as an individual while still serving a small group. We all rely on each other and count on one another to do what we do. At the end of the day, we want everyone in the band to feel creatively fulfilled and happy. That is what is most important to us.
The best way we have found is to be open and honest with each other, even when it’s not fun. It’s not encouraged in our society for men to be in touch with their feelings or vocal about their emotions so we try to make a space where that is encouraged. We also try to have fun together outside the band when possible and take care of each other while we are working. 
Keep on rockin’ guys! Hope to see you soon!



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