Catie Curtis

ILocal artist from Saco, Maine, Catie Curtis, music career over the last twenty-five years has been very successful. Curtis has produced over fourteen albums and her songs have been featured on probably some of your favorite movies and television shows such as:

“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Finding Graceland”, “A Slipping Down Life”, and more!


I asked Curtis what her reaction was like when she was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. 

Funny you should ask. My 12 year old daughter and her friends are obsessed with Grey’s on Netflix now. I just told her I had a song in it, and she flipped out. She found the episode yesterday, so I happen to know it’s season 2, episode 12! It was definitely a cool placement to get.” I watched the episode after she told me and it was great!

Curtis has performed at Carnegie Hall, numerous clubs and music venues, music festivals, and The White House! When I first listened to Curtis’s music it was really hard for me to tell if her music was folk or country. Curtis said, “Folk music shares so much DNA with country, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. People see the label “singer/songwriter” and “folk-rock”, but they understand it best when they get a chance to listen to it!.”

I took a class this semester called Crowdsourcing and we learned about different crowdfunding websites. Curtis used the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter to create one of her albums. Curtis said, “Kickstarter really helped me tap in to my strong (and generous!) fan base to make the recording of my dreams. All things considered, definitely an amazing tool, relatively easy to use.” I believe that Kickstarter should really receive more credit than it does because it helps so many users.

Her newest album While We’re Here is spectacular. We talked about the albums artwork because it was really interesting. “The big tree reminds me of how small we are. Big trees help us humans keep our perspective whil15027552_10154377402736263_7402549565723551968_ne we’re here on this planet! Then we can make decisions that are right for us.” The songs/lyrics on the album are about her transition from her divorce, death, but thankfully, falling in love. The album was produced in a small studio with the help of other musicians. She invited over ten musicians and produced the album in Jamaica Plain (which I know as, JP), Massachusetts.

Curtis is on her tour called, The Final Outing Tour. She has traveled across the United States and it will end in May, 2017. She won’t be just relaxing when she is finished with her tour. “Making music IS taking time for myself. Can’t wait to get back to writing! I also run creativity retreats in so I’ll be producing a bunch of those.”

Keep on rockin’ and hope to see you in Boston again!

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