Dear Lauren Marsh.

Lauren Marsh is a up-and-coming indie alternative singer and songwriter from New Jersey. Marsh at one point did live in Medfield, MA for five years, which means she is technically a New England girl! Her Spotify account has begun to gain more and more of followers and listeners followers everyday. Marsh had such a positive and touching reaction to this. “It’s been an extremely humbling experience to see so many people connecting with my music on Spotify. I released my first record in 2012 and to see recognition of where I’ve come since then with people recently starting to really follow my music is immensely heartwarming.”

Marsh’s sound is beautiful, fun to dance to, and “cute.” I connected with Marsh’s original song on her EP Veracity, “Dear Love” (which is also her most popular song on Spotify). Her song was featured on Spotify’s original playlist called, Broken Heart.

Do you think that “Deal Love” should be on the Broken Heart playlist? Or do you think it should be on another playlist?

I love that my song “Dear Love” is on Spotify’s break-up playlist! I didn’t write “Dear Love” as a break up song, I actually wrote it as a way of telling people in my life that I’ll always be there for them. However, this is such a great example of why I love music. We all interpret music differently and if my song has the opportunity to help someone through a break-up, I’m honored to have my song do that.

I’ve written a couple other break-up songs that have received notoriety like “Home”, “OH OH (Hold My Heart)”, “Ledge”, and “Dangerous Love” , so it seems fitting that “Dear Love” was placed on the break-up playlist.

“Dear Love” is about learning to stand on your own without having to be alone and that there’s people in my life that I’ll always be there for no matter what. They’ve all definitely heard the song! Which is something I’ve never thought about before, and I’m deeply grateful for that. I always want them to know that I’ll be there and that they’re the reason why I consider myself a strong person. I felt like this was a really strong message and I wanted it to be on my record.

Marsh won the “Top Indie EP of the Year” – Jersey Acoustic Music Award. Marsh’s reaction was incredible, “Over the moon! I had just released my first record 6 months before being honored with this award. I never imagined I would receive this kind of recognition so soon out of the gate. What I love about this award is that it recognizes the team of amazing people I work with and helped to make Ready for Takeoff such a success.”

Marsh and her band are mostly playing shows in Pennsylvania at the moment. She would love to play any and everywhere she can at some point. In 2015 Marsh traveled to Austin Texas to perform in the RedGorilla Music Festival (during SXSW). Marsh added, “I’d love to do more performances like that, but I do love performing in NYC and Philadelphia, they’re my hometown audiences.” However, I hope she will come perform in the Greater Boston area at some point soon!

Keep on rockin’ Lauren! Hope to see you soon!




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