Tom Lee-Richards

Tom Lee-Richards music is the most interesting type of music/sound I’ve heard so far this month. Not only has his music career taken off, the music video for his song, “Madness”, became very popular in Australia. The music video was shown at the Auckland International Film Festival, LA Awareness Festival, and Sydney Lift-Off.


Lee-Richards most recent music video for his single, “Beside You” was released/premiered on June 20, 2017. Lee-Richards collaborated with Countbounce when he wrote the song. The beginning of the video opens with the title of the song with a dark lake and mountains in the background. The viewer will see an older man riding a horse and is staring at something. Eventually, the man cradles a woman laying on the rocks by the lake. From that moment on it becomes more interesting. 

At the moment Lee-Richards is still collaborating with Award-winning Producer Countbounce and Matt Neighbour. Lee-Richards will be debuting his Mini LP will be released soon! For my new and regular readers, if you like folk, alternative, and indie music, then I would 100% listen to Lee-Richards music. For my European readers who live close to those locations, I would go see him perform!

Best of luck! Keep rockin’ on and hope to see you perform!

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