Scott Ruth – The New John Mayer.

Los Angeles native, Scott Ruth, happens to be one of those musicians that if you see them perform live, they sound exactly like they do on the edited track. I love when that happens. I am so impressed how Ruth produced & recorded his entire EP, The Weight of It All, in his personal recording studio at home. I respect artists who produce their own music instead of recording in a professional recording studio. Some record labels will “transform” a musician to have their music sound a certain way. I hate those labels. 


For the first whole album Ruth said:

“The objective was to make a record using the limitations that I had while still trying to make something great. I’m a huge believer in if the music’s good then the records good whether or not you have “fancy” gear or do amazing session players on it. It’s the decor of the song I really truly believe in whether it’s average produced or spend a million-dollars on the record. That was just the idea behind it all.”

One of my favorite songs on the EP is called, “Regret”.  After listening to the song numerous times I watched the music video for the song and it was very intriguing (at least for me). Kevin Clark is a Freelance Director and good friend of Ruth’s from Los Angeles had directed music video. Ruth said that Clark had the idea and knew what direction of the video should be. “The song (“Regret) is about a break-up and feeling distant from someone you love. We tried our best (Ruth & Clark) to capture that in the video. We snapped shots back-and-forth of us happy and then us not so happy. It’s about losing someone you really care about and know that you can’t really speak too.”

Ruth released his new single “Are You There” on May 5, 2017. He produced the track in recording studio in Seattle with a friend. As of right now, Ruth has been producing, coming up with ideas, and recording some new songs for his new album. However, instead of recording them in his studio at home he decided to record in a professional studio. Ruth compared a professional studio to a home studio, “It’s a great experience to have somebody else in the room and throwing out their ideas.” Ruth projected that his new album will be released sometime early next year.

Ruth has been performing during his free time and we hope to see him on the east coast (especially in Boston) in the future.

Keep on rockin’ Scott and I can’t wait to hear your new music!




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