Mike Younger

For those of you who don’t know me one of the biggest things that I do is recycle (paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc….) to keep this planet clean & green. I was reminded that Boston’s 10th Annual GreenFest will be held at Boston City Hall Plaza & Faneuil Hall this weekend (August 11-13). Artist/musician, poet, and songwriter, Mike Younger will be performing on the GreenFest festival stage on August 12th (click here to see the other artists performing). For those who enjoy listening to rock & roll, rhythm & blues, or alternative music, than you definitely want to see Mike perform.

Younger started his music career when he was seventeen years-old when he left his beautiful hometown Halifax, Nova Scotia. He earned money by playing his guitar and singing on the streets, parks, subway platforms, etc… in Toronto and Vancouver. Younger needed a change of scenery and took his guitar and music career to New York City and hoped to earn money in-order to live/survive. He was invited by radio broadcaster, John Sinclair to perform on his live radio-broadcast/show on WWOZ New Orleans. After the radio broadcast/show, a music publisher contacted him and Younger’s music career finally took off!

Younger traveled and moved to the country-music/genre capital in the United States (maybe even the world), Nashville, Tennessee. He had begun to record, perform live shows, and signed a contract with his first recording company. In 1999, well known-producer and musician Rodney Crowell had helped produce Younger’s first album, Somethin’ In The Air. Now the second part to Younger’s career/story becomes more interesting (at least for me).

Two-years later, Younger recorded and produced his second album with the help of Jim Dickinson. Dickinson also asked, Levon Helm, Spooner Oldham, David Hood & his son Luther Dickinson to help produce the album. The record label closed when they produced his second album! It took a turn for the worse and the album has not been touched for over fifteen-years. Thankfully the tracks were found and will released in the future. 

Younger independently released his album Every Stone You Throw with his band in New York City. In 2017 he released his wonderful album, Little Folks Like You and Me. This track is on the album and I love the music video!

Please go watch Mike at GreenFest this weekend for me! If you can’t go this weekend or if you don’t live near Boston, he is on tour and performing in numerous locations. Here are the tour dates: http://mikeyounger.com/calendar/

Keep on rockin’ Mike!

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