Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a 40 year-old contemporary blues musician from Shreveport, Louisiana. Earlier this summer, his ninth album, Lay It On Down was extremely successful because it had debuted at #1!. Shepherd said,

I wanted to strike a balance between the heavy emotional stuff and the stuff that will put a smile on your face. A new album [Lay It On Down] should feel new and refreshing, and this one definitely feels that way to me.”

Shepherd decided to write the ten songs on the album in 2015. He would travel to Nashville every two years and co-write the ten songs on the album with other musicians. He wrote some of the songs with Mark Selby and Tia Sillers. He decided to work and produce this album with Marshall Altman again. Altman has worked with musicians such as, Matt Nathanson, Natasha Bedingfield, & Kate Voegele. Altman and Shepherd had worked together in 2014 to produce his album, Goin’ Home. Shepherd wanted to record his new album in his hometown in Louisiana and at Echophone Studios. Before this album he had record Goin’ Home in his hometown and truly enjoyed it. He decided to record the album in Louisiana because he believed that it would have positive influence on him.


Shepherd’s 4 band members are:

  • Noah Hunt: Vocalist.
  • Chris “Whipper” Layton: Drummer.
  • Kevin McCormik: Bassist.
  • Jimmy McGorman: Keyboardist. 

The minute The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band stepped into the recording studio to record the album, band rehearsals were “not a thing”. The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band would just go into the recording booth and record the ten track’s. It was almost like a live performance for the producers. Shepherd said, 

“We all played together in the same room, recorded to two-inch tape and did as few overdubs as possible, just trying to keep it as organic as we could. The stuff that we do is very instinct-oriented and feel-oriented, and it’s about capturing moments that happen between people, and you can only get that by actually playing together and letting the creative process flow.”

Shepherd said in video how the album was recorded through a two-inch tape machine because he is very “old fashioned”. I personally love the fact that he had recorded it through a tape machine. You don’t know many most musicians/bands who record their music with a tape machine. Most musicians/bands record their music with new, expensive, and/or updated equipment. It’s nice to know/meet musicians/bands still does do that today.

Shepherd’s music career took off in 1995 when he was only sixteen and released his debut album, Ledbetter Heights. In 1998 his second album, Trouble Is… was platinum! Shepherd has produced numerous albums and hopefully will continue too in the future. Shepherd is one of the most talented guitarists & performers in the music industry this generation has seen. His albums have sold over millions of copies throughout the nation and he received numerous awards such as:

  1. Five Grammy® nominations.
  2. Two Billboard Music Awards.
  3. Two Orville H. Gibson awards.
  4. The Blues Foundation’s Keeping The Blues Alive award.
  5. Two Blues Music awards.
  6. Lastly, six #1 blues albums and a string of #1 mainstream rock singles.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is on tour and hopefully you will be coming to an area near you! Here is his tour schedule:

Keep on rockin’ Kenny! Hope to see you soon!

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