Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a 40 year-old contemporary blues musician from Shreveport, Louisiana. Earlier this summer, his ninth album, Lay It On Down was extremely successful because it had debuted at #1!. Shepherd said,

I wanted to strike a balance between the heavy emotional stuff and the stuff that will put a smile on your face. A new album [Lay It On Down] should feel new and refreshing, and this one definitely feels that way to me.”

Shepherd decided to write the ten songs on the album in 2015. He would travel to Nashville every two years and co-write the ten songs on the album with other musicians. He wrote some of the songs with Mark Selby and Tia Sillers. He decided to work and produce this album with Marshall Altman again. Altman has worked with musicians such as, Matt Nathanson, Natasha Bedingfield, & Kate Voegele. Altman and Shepherd had worked together in 2014 to produce his album, Goin’ Home. Shepherd wanted to record his new album in his hometown in Louisiana and at Echophone Studios. Before this album he had record Goin’ Home in his hometown and truly enjoyed it. He decided to record the album in Louisiana because he believed that it would have positive influence on him.


Shepherd’s 4 band members are:

  • Noah Hunt: Vocalist.
  • Chris “Whipper” Layton: Drummer.
  • Kevin McCormik: Bassist.
  • Jimmy McGorman: Keyboardist. 

The minute The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band stepped into the recording studio to record the album, band rehearsals were “not a thing”. The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band would just go into the recording booth and record the ten track’s. It was almost like a live performance for the producers. Shepherd said, 

“We all played together in the same room, recorded to two-inch tape and did as few overdubs as possible, just trying to keep it as organic as we could. The stuff that we do is very instinct-oriented and feel-oriented, and it’s about capturing moments that happen between people, and you can only get that by actually playing together and letting the creative process flow.”

Shepherd said in video how the album was recorded through a two-inch tape machine because he is very “old fashioned”. I personally love the fact that he had recorded it through a tape machine. You don’t know many most musicians/bands who record their music with a tape machine. Most musicians/bands record their music with new, expensive, and/or updated equipment. It’s nice to know/meet musicians/bands still does do that today.

Shepherd’s music career took off in 1995 when he was only sixteen and released his debut album, Ledbetter Heights. In 1998 his second album, Trouble Is… was platinum! Shepherd has produced numerous albums and hopefully will continue too in the future. Shepherd is one of the most talented guitarists & performers in the music industry this generation has seen. His albums have sold over millions of copies throughout the nation and he received numerous awards such as:

  1. Five Grammy® nominations.
  2. Two Billboard Music Awards.
  3. Two Orville H. Gibson awards.
  4. The Blues Foundation’s Keeping The Blues Alive award.
  5. Two Blues Music awards.
  6. Lastly, six #1 blues albums and a string of #1 mainstream rock singles.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is on tour and hopefully you will be coming to an area near you! Here is his tour schedule:

Keep on rockin’ Kenny! Hope to see you soon!

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Mike Younger

For those of you who don’t know me one of the biggest things that I do is recycle (paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc….) to keep this planet clean & green. I was reminded that Boston’s 10th Annual GreenFest will be held at Boston City Hall Plaza & Faneuil Hall this weekend (August 11-13). Artist/musician, poet, and songwriter, Mike Younger will be performing on the GreenFest festival stage on August 12th (click here to see the other artists performing). For those who enjoy listening to rock & roll, rhythm & blues, or alternative music, than you definitely want to see Mike perform.

Younger started his music career when he was seventeen years-old when he left his beautiful hometown Halifax, Nova Scotia. He earned money by playing his guitar and singing on the streets, parks, subway platforms, etc… in Toronto and Vancouver. Younger needed a change of scenery and took his guitar and music career to New York City and hoped to earn money in-order to live/survive. He was invited by radio broadcaster, John Sinclair to perform on his live radio-broadcast/show on WWOZ New Orleans. After the radio broadcast/show, a music publisher contacted him and Younger’s music career finally took off!

Younger traveled and moved to the country-music/genre capital in the United States (maybe even the world), Nashville, Tennessee. He had begun to record, perform live shows, and signed a contract with his first recording company. In 1999, well known-producer and musician Rodney Crowell had helped produce Younger’s first album, Somethin’ In The Air. Now the second part to Younger’s career/story becomes more interesting (at least for me).

Two-years later, Younger recorded and produced his second album with the help of Jim Dickinson. Dickinson also asked, Levon Helm, Spooner Oldham, David Hood & his son Luther Dickinson to help produce the album. The record label closed when they produced his second album! It took a turn for the worse and the album has not been touched for over fifteen-years. Thankfully the tracks were found and will released in the future. 

Younger independently released his album Every Stone You Throw with his band in New York City. In 2017 he released his wonderful album, Little Folks Like You and Me. This track is on the album and I love the music video!

Please go watch Mike at GreenFest this weekend for me! If you can’t go this weekend or if you don’t live near Boston, he is on tour and performing in numerous locations. Here are the tour dates:

Keep on rockin’ Mike!

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Boston Based Rock Group – Dreamer & Son

Well I’m back! School is over for the year, I’m finally back and situated at my summer job, and ready to get my act together and blog this summer 🙂 I’ve had a lot of time to listen to new music the past few months. I was contacted by one of my friends who had sent me the music video for the Boston based music group, Dreamer & Son. I wanted to write about them first since I’m from Boston and they’re Boston based 🙂


The group had formed in 2015. For those who are from Boston, you might know the group members:

  • Sayak Das – Vocals & Guitar.
  • Jake Sierzega – Bass.
  • Matt Bolton – Guitar.
  • Josh Parra – Drums.

Das attended Berklee College of Music in Boston was uploading covers of songs. Eventually he chose to perform his original songs in front of a real crowd and not online. Parra was the first to support Das’s project. After that Bolton joined and then Sierzega. After their first show, they immediately realized that they loved performing together. They came together to form Dreamer & Son. If you love Kings of Leon, Young the Giant, The 1975, Emarosa, and/or The Maine, then you must listen to their music. There biggest show will be on August 2nd at Red Room 939 and tickets are free! Please go see them!


I can’t believe that it’s already February 23rd! The time has gone by so fast and on March 31st, the band KOYO will be debuting their single, “Leeds”.

KOYO was initially formed by Huw Edwards (lead vocals and guitar) and Jacob Price (sampling and synthesisers) and they wanted their music to have an ’90s grunge and alternative rock type sound. In 2015, the band really formed KOYO when they added three other the musicians, Seb Knee-Wright playing the guitar(s), Dan Comlay playing the bass, and Tom Higham on the drums. KOYO’s single I provided you on their SoundCloud page is called, “Tetrachormat”. I love how it has rock, a little bit of electronic, and the indie genre type combined in one song. Even though they’ve only formed in 2015, they’ve gotten a good start. They will be going on small tour from March to June in Europe.

Facebook Page

Keep on rockin’ guys!

The William Shakes

As most of my readers know, Boston is my favorite place in the world. I mean c’mon, my blog’s name is Rock on Boston. Today, I am finally able to write about another band from my favorite place in the world, The William Shakes.

Mark McGettrick

Mark McGettrick is the man who created, produced, and composed the band slash project and he did it all by himself. McGettrick plays the: guitar, bass,  bass VI, percussion, and is the lead singer. Even though this is just his project, he was able to collaborate with artists from Boston, Los Angeles, and New York: Carrie Ingber, Rob Sistare, Matt Diekmann, and Jason Dunn.

Before the project, in 2015, McGettrick played the drums and was a background singer for the band, The Luxury. He did this when the band composed their album, Bones and Beaten Heart. The William Shakes will be releasing their debut album, How Goes the Night on February 10 (close to my birthday!). When you hear the album you will find that it is, alternative, indie, and pop.

The song from SoundCloud is one of his songs that you can listen to. I really  wanted to write about the band/project because of how different McGettrick’s EP was. He wanted to examine five of Shakespeare’s popular characters: Banquo (MacBeth), Helena (All’s Well That Ends Well), Horatio (Hamlet), Cordelia (King Lear), and Cassius (Julius Caesar). McGettrick’s process/did five things when he wrote a song:

  1. Select the character.
  2. Isolate their lines.
  3. Randomize their lines.
  4. Curate into new lyrics
  5. Compose an original melody.


You’re able to find all of The William Shakes information on the follow links.

Rock on The William Shakes! Hope to see you play in Boston soon!

Rihanna’s new album and my favorite song

Rihanna released her eighth album this year called, Anti. I’ve never listened to Rihanna compared to other hip-hop artists, but this song from the album, “Yeah I Said It”, is just so sexy, attractive, and I can’t stop listening to it. Take a listen for me!

Concert tonight at Brighton Music Hall: Allah-Las

I was recently introduced to the band, Allah-Las, recently and man are they good. If you like down to earth, folk, rock type music, then this is the band to start listening too.


Pedrum Siadatian (Vocalist & Lead Guitarist), Miles Michaud (Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar), Matthew Correia (Vocalist & Drummer), and Speancer (Vocalist & Bassist) came together in 2008 to form, Allah-Las. Initially three members of the band were working together at the local record store in California called, Amoeba Music Record Store. Correia stated in an interview that all of them were fans of music and spent a lot of time listening to what type of music works and doesn’t work for them. Clearly they found their sound because in 2011 their album, Allah-Las, was nominated for Independent Album of the Year by the A2IM Libby’s.

In 2014 Allah-Las released their LP, Worship The Sun. The Los Angeles Times said, “… Let’s the band’s trippy vintage rock absorb all sorts of new Southern California influences…”

Take a listen to their album for me! Today, the band has truly been doing well for themselves. Allah-Las has had sold out tours, high profile festival’s all over the world, and will end their tour in Madrid on November 16th. Allah-Las will be coming to Brighton Music Hall today so get tickets!

Keep on rockin’ tonight for me!

Rain is a day for oldies

Yesterday I was at my dentist (for the third time) and she was playing, The Beatles, while I’m sitting in the chair. She asked me who it is and obviously I said, The Beatles, and she was surprised that I even knew who was singing. We both agreed that rainy days are for oldies music. I have been listening to, “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago since Saturday night. My dad and I were watching them join the Hall of Fame on T.V and he kept saying to me that I need to listen to the band who uses horns in their music most of the time.


In 1967 in Chicago, IL, Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Robert Lamm, and Peter Cetera, formed the band, Chicago. In 1969, Chicago released their first album, “Chicago Transit Authority.” To me, Chicago has been one of the most successful bands in history.  Their achievements include:

  • Record sales top the 100,000,000 mark
  • 21 Top 10 singles
  • 5 consecutive Number One albums
  • 11 Number One singles
  • 5 Gold singles.
  • 25 of their 36 albums have been certified platinum
  • Total of 47 gold and platinum awards.

In 2014, their debut album, “Chicago Transit Authority,” entered the Grammy Hall of Frame. The guys are still rocking out and I hope to see them live one day 🙂



9 a.m everyone, let’s have a good day

This morning I was looking at my calendar and I saw that I only have 2 1/2 week’s left at Endicott! I can’t believe that my sophomore year at Endicott will finally be over. Time has really flown past this semester and I cannot wait to be back here in the fall. This weekend I went out with someone and it was perfect. I can reflect on my past relationships and think about the feeling you have when you are just beginning to see someone. The butterflies in your stomach, the happiness that you have when you see their name on your phone, and just waiting to see with them again.

When the start to something new starts for me, I always listen to country music. Country music is always about tractors, relationships, and an open grass field with your friends. This was the first song that came on when I got back to my room.

I was never really a fan of Dustin Lynch but I am just starting to like his music again. This 30 year-old singer-songwriter is from Tullahoma, Tennessee. After college, Lynch moved to Nashville (like every country singer does) behind the Bluebird Cafe. People know that popular country musicians first perform at the Bluebird Cafe before making it big. Lynch performed there and at other clubs in the area. In 2011, country artist, Justin Moore’s manager found Lynch on his MySpace page. He got a contract with L3 Entertainment, a publishing deal with Super98/The Song Factor, and a record deal with Broken Bow Records.

His music is influenced by country singers, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and Clint Black.Lynch has three albums: Dustin Lynch (2012), Where It’s At (2014), Dustin Lynch: Spotify Sessions.  Lynch’s most popular song that everyone knows is, “Cowboys and Angels,” which was on his first album. “Cowboys and Angels” became one of Billboard’s Top 5 Country Songs towards the end of 2012.

Lynch will be coming to Gillette on July 15th and 16th for Country Fest!

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